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July 13, 2024

College of DuPage – Nothing to see here…

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On April 2, 2015

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –

For months the exposure of wrongdoing has plastered the  blogosphere, airwaves, newspapers, and coffee shops.  Over the last month it has been a dog-pile with no end in sight for the foreseeable future.

In another shining example of insiders who have had enough with the Administration and Breuder, we received a very interesting example of how employment at COD is about who you know!

“I just thought you would be interested to know how the staff of the College of DuPage Finance Department was put together. It’s not what you know but who you know if you want to work there.”

  • Lynn Sapyta is the Asst. VP and Controller and was hired by Tom Glaser when she was taking an early retirement from the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). Whether she was entitled to that early retirement package is another story – see the Crain’s  article about how her boss rigged a special deal that she was included in.  (Crain’s article)
  • Nicholas Peczkowski is the college receivables manager and we have been told was an auditor for Crowe Horwath in the Oakbrook office but have not been able to verify that former position yet. Reports are he also had worked on the college audits for several years.
  • Todd Buikema is the Asst. Controller at the college but was an audit manager for Crowe Horwath in the Oakbrook office. Sapyta hired him because he had worked on the CTA audit for Crowe when she was at CTA.  Sources tell us the job didn’t exist before Sapyta created it. Crowe Horwath also does the college’s annual audit. (Buikema LinkedIn information)
  • Maki Jursinic is a college senior accountant and was an auditor for Crowe Horwath in the Oakbrook office.
  • Eugene Refakes is an analyst hired by Sapyta because they worked together at the CTA.  He is already getting a CTA pension. The job didn’t exist before Sapyta created it. (Refakes Pension info)
  • John Gandor is a construction accountant hired by Sapyta because they worked together at the CTA. He is already getting a CTA pension. The job didn’t exist before Sapyta created it. (Gandor Pension info)
  • Vera Humphrey is Tom Glaser’s secretary and reportedly was his secretary at Cook County before Todd Stroger forced Glaser out. Humphrey is already getting a Cook County pension. (Cook County Pension info)
  • Ben Harper was hired by Sapyta and promoted to a grant accountant even though he has no experience according to the letter we received.  It’s claimed he is married to Sapyta’s niece.

As you can see, nice little core group of people with very interesting ties to the financial operations of the College. 

Below is the information that was sent to us.  Thank you for those with the courage to step up and share important information so that the public is better informed!  Next update will expose why doing so is in their best interest!

Thank you to American Transparency and Open the Books for the financial history on these people.

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  • Bill G
    Posted at 14:08h, 02 April Reply

    Chicago style. Merit is meaningless, but who knows you is essential.

  • Stephen H
    Posted at 17:00h, 03 April Reply

    This is outrageous. Leave her son out of this. Looking to attack someone because they utilized their network of connections to form a department is how anything in the world gets done. David is a student, and a good one at that. Check your facts and get off your high horse before attacking another person and making outlandish and backless accusations.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 17:39h, 03 April Reply

      No, what is really outrageous is that you see nothing wrong with “utilizing their network of connections to form a department” – this is a PUBLIC institution that uses TAXPAYER funds. Special deals for “friends” and relatives are not supposed to happen…

      Please read this and report back:
      “Public Corruption: The Cost of Public Corruption – And The Need for the Public to Fight Back”

    • Kirk Allen
      Posted at 18:24h, 03 April Reply

      Stephen, Show us what facts are wrong. No one is attacked. Simply exposed. If you think the documents linked in the article are not correct then point out what is wrong.

  • Wendy Woo
    Posted at 18:09h, 03 April Reply

    To even publish this is just beyond ridiculous. We live in the 21st century and when departments are failing to meet their needs restructuring occurs and new positions are created. The person who submitted this information needs to check their facts before submitting rubbish. Lynn Sapyta hires team members who will make a positive impact for the employer in which she works for. She will do what it takes to get the job done and use her resources to bring those on board who will do nothing but create a positive outcome for the college.

    I only hope that the educated readers of this article will see that the Tea Party is doing anything in their power to not only destroy the College of Dupage but will also target and destroy anyone they can that has association with the college. The College of Dupage has helped educate so many of our local kids and adults and will continue doing so. The Tea Party instead should focus their attention on REAL issues that the community is going through. Being a bully should be looked down upon and and this party instead should become role models for our current and future generations. However they are just teaching all to be bullies.

    If you have noticed the college has not been fighting back and targeting these individuals making these insane acquisitions, but instead have been focusing on their mission of educating all ages to make a positive impact for the Dupage County.

    • Kirk Allen
      Posted at 07:25h, 04 April Reply

      How many of these positions were published so others in the community could apply?

      What does the tea party have to do with this? You claim the person who submitted this information needs to check their facts. May I suggest you do the same because we are not a tea party organization but what does that matter? I suppose next you will claim the Tribune and Herald are tea party newspapers because they are exposing what is going on. Pretty much every time we see “Tea Party” being blamed its because you cant dispute the information that has been published. Next we will be racists or homophobes.

      Breuder has done a fine job of destroying the most important thing at an institution. Trust! If the exposure of wronging of several senior people and Breuder is capable of destroying the college then it was built on a house of sand and would have never survived. I dont think that is the case. Great people will rise to the challenge and put the community interest ahead of their own.

      Not fighting back? Hiring a PR firm to spread misinformation about enrollment is not fighting back? Not sure what acquisitions your talking about but I suspect you meant to say accusations.

  • George Barraclough
    Posted at 09:47h, 04 April Reply

    This article begs the question of how does Carla Burkhart, a/k/a Carla Kile, a/k/a C.Kile fit in. Where did she get her start at COD and the COD Foundation? Who did/does she know? Who is she related to?

    But apparently asking these questions might be considered “Tea Party” questions.

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