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July 18, 2024

Marshall Advocate “misinforms” public on Park Board issues –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On March 27, 2015


Let’s start off by stating that Gary Strohm and the Marshall Advocate have never, to my knowledge, informed the public of their relationship with Clark County Park Board Commissioner Ron Stone. The relationship is such that Ron Stone has to “abstain” from voting on any payments to the Advocate from the Park District because of the conflict of interest.

With that said, does anyone really expect objective reporting by a paper that is in an active relationship with a park board member? You should expect it, but that is not the current reality.

First, in their March 27th paper, the Advocate went to great lengths to tell you how leasing lots for private purpose was a good thing.  In short, keeping you off of park property.  He also went on to explain how the park “might” use the money. He referenced a recent installation of a splash pad constructed in Paris, Illinois – but that project was a flop and turned out to be nothing but trouble – of course you were not informed of that.

He states the leased lots will be controlled by the park – FAILING to mention the  covenants say a “committee” will control it – not the park board.

“Perhaps” in the first year they could,,,,”Perhaps” in the second year they could,,, See all the whitewashing of anything resembling commitment on use of the the money? Rest assured it will be wasted.

Then he talks about the “steady income stream of $200,000” is laughable at best – another bit of “misinformation”.

Next he states that commissioner Wallace voted against money for local parks – a flat-out lie. Wallace had been one of the only advocates to continue supporting the local parks, while others were thinking of ways to get out of it.

He claims property taxes have not been raised, but fails to state the board wanted to raise them this year, and had it not been for public outcry they would have been raised.

Now he throws everything out there by opining that “perhaps” the park would reduce or eliminate the property tax – please remember this is election season and Strohm appears to be doing nothing mare than greasing the palms of the commissioners he want to get elected – Yargus (the documented liar and petition forger), Stepp, and Davidson.

The claim that Jeff Wallace voted against payments to local parks in March is false – those payments were already approved at the February meeting. What Wallace was voting against was the outrageous attorney bills that were not approved in advance as the Park District Code REQUIRES. So, in essence, the Board violated the law…again.

There is the rest of the story that was missing from the Advocate.


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