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February 23, 2024

COD- The Bleeding Continues!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 20, 2015

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –

The bleeding continues with each and every response to Freedom of Information Request’s from the College of DuPage.

I think public awareness pertaining to the Waterleaf and its massive failure is well established, however, one little attachment to that operation has been vastly overlooked, so once again it is time we expose things! .

The Inn at the Waters Edge is ran from the education fund as a learning lab!  How convenient!  A learning lab for Breuder to stay at during his drinking fests and late night rendezvous.  I wonder what Breuder learned by costing the taxpayers thousands for his lab visits?  (Click here to see the invoices paid by the taxpayer for Breuders “learning lab” adventures)

I have to admit amazement when I hear comments at meetings about how Breuder wants COD to be ran like a Business.  Can anyone point to any business that he produced a profit from without the use of tax money? It is clear from looking at the numbers the only thing he seems to be good at is drinking, eating, sleeping, and collecting taxpayer money!  OK, I left out several character defects but I think we all get the point!

The Inn at the Waters Edge has now lost money every year of its operation, which now totals over $727,760.00, for a 6 room hotel!  

However, the fact that this facility is a “learning lab” means its OK to loose money, as that is the cost of Education.  I understand it costs money to educate and provide the necessary tools for that however looking at the numbers it appears this operation is not much different than the Waterleaf, other than its expenditures are going up considerably every year.

  • 9 month 2011-2012 fiscal year loss – $151,825.00
  • 2012-2013 fiscal year loss- $171,348.00
  • 2013-2014 fiscal year loss – $269,829.00
  • 7 month 2014-2015 fiscal year loss – $134,758.00

Salaries and benefits alone account for 89% of the $1,017,877.00 expense totals.  Yes, $904,517.00 in salaries and benefits is what the taxpayer is on the hook for with the “learning lab”. Are those salaries and benefits going to certified teachers?  The web site states it is run by a “professional team”.  Sadly, much like the water leaf, it appears the student role is nothing more than an internship and student opportunities, whatever that is supposed to mean. (Click here for Water Edge Expenditure spreadsheet provided by COD)

The three industries with the highest median percentage of salaries as a percentage of operating expense were health care services (52%), for-profit services (50%) and educational services (50%). (Source -Society for Human Resource Management)
How is it that Mr. “were going to run this like a business” Brueder has salaries and benefits hitting 89% of the operating expense for this hotel?  I know, the excuse is and always will be, it is a learning lab, however, that pig won’t fly!  The educational services number of 50% is specifically for educational services which is what Breuder’s dream world calls a “learning lab”!

I pray that law enforcement at some point steps into this quagmire and puts a stop to the ongoing misapplication of tax payer money!

In cl0sing, I have one question for everyone to think about when you hear and read information coming from COD as it relates to their consistent push to build up the very business entities that are failing.

Why are we allowing the use of our tax dollars to be used to compete with private business?


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1 Comment
  • Jan Shaw
    Posted at 21:45h, 22 March

    That is approximately 3 years 4 months. At 365 days/year that is about 1,215 days that a room could be rented. Times 6 rooms gives us 7,290 potential room rentals. $727,760.00/7290 = $99.83 loss per room per day. The daily charge for a room (From Dr. Breuder’s bills) is $92.00
    So even if every room was rented every day, it would loose money. If the students were using it, and learning that would be one thing. But, a professional staff – this is crazy!