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February 21, 2024

COD- Dave Carlin-part of the problem?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 1, 2015

DuPage Co. (ECWd)

A recent text message sent to Dave Carlin is creating a stir for at least two people, Carlin and Breuder. According to the report by the Daily Herald, this is the text message sent to COD Candidate for Trustee:  “Piece of advice. Get out of the race. When I get through with Dr. Breuder, anyone supporting him will look like they supported Hitler. That will be tough to shake for anyone with ambition. No need for chats.”  (Daily Herald coverage of the text)

First question I have after reading that article is why would Carlin run to Breuder and share the text message, especially since Breuder is leaving COD?  Do those actions now show truth that he supports Breuder?   It was reported that Breuder sent an e-mail (waiting on that FOIA response) and stated to the Board:  “I view this as a threat to my safety and will notify my attorneys.”

  This situation is laughable in many aspects.

Breuder stays silent when trustee McGuire tries to liken public speakers at public meetings to Hitler, but when he gets likened to Hitler now it is a threat on his safety?

 My first thought?  Grow a set! 

It is amazing to me that a man can profess he would have to start out as a 5 star General in the military, while at the same time feel threatened by a text message that made no threat to him at all.  Clearly he has no clue what a General is made of, let alone a 5 star General.  Cowardice is what comes to mind when I read his comment.  Enough said. (Click here for the “5 star General”  video)

Now for Carlin.  He stated, “I’m going to highlight this stuff when it’s going on”.

We love highlighting stuff when it’s going on!  So let’s list some bullet points that will more than likely end up being individual articles in the future.  After a brief review, I would tend to agree that it would be best for Carlin to step out of the campaign and save himself and others a whole lot of embarrassment.

  • Dave Carlin – Party to illegal vote taken during hiring of Breuder -2008
  • Dave Carlin – Party to illegal vote extending Breuder’s Contract 4 months after first illegal vote -2009
  • Dave Carlin – Did not share Breuder contract extension letter with the rest of the board- Nothing in the minutes
  • Dave Carlin – Party to illegal secret contract extensions for Breuder
  • Dave Carlin – Bank foreclosure action-2011
  • Dave Carlin – Deciding vote that the Homeland Security Education Center be named after Breuder.
  • Dave Carlin – He found the Board members from the Village of Glen Ellyn to be hostile and disrespectful. (Click here for his comments – bottom of page 13)
  • Dave Carlin – Rather spend tax payer money for court action than deal with them as a Board Trustee – “When parties have disagreements, they go to court for assistance in resolving the matter”  (Click here for his comments – bottom of page 13)
  • Dave Carlin – “He noted it was difficult to approve the tuition increase, but not to do so would be reckless.” (Click here for his comments – page 15)
  • Dave Carlin – Had to tell his own father not to touch (steal)  campaign signs.
  • Dave Carlin – Had to tell his campaign workers not to touch campaign signs.
  • Dave Carlin – Seeking employment?

These bullet points are just a snap-shot of concerns the common voter might need to know more about when thinking about placing this person “back” into a position of trust at COD.  With all this baggage, the one question that I can’t seem to understand is, why is Dave Carlin so insistent on getting back on the COD Board of Trustees when it is a position that has zero compensation?  Or is it?

We will publish more detailed articles on Mr. Carlin over the next month in an effort to tell the voters of District 502 the things we suspect you won’t hear from him.





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  • Jerry
    Posted at 16:41h, 01 March

    Who sent Carlin that text?

  • franklin
    Posted at 17:35h, 01 March

    With all this baggage, the one question that I can’t seem to understand is, why is Dave Carlin so insistent on getting back on the COD Board of Trustees when it is a position that has zero compensation? So why is a man from Edgar county working so hard to stop him without compensation ?

    • Kirk Allen
      Posted at 19:01h, 01 March

      franklin, who is working hard? This stuff is easy and fun! 🙂

      • Chris M. Gaines
        Posted at 08:04h, 02 March

        Good one Kirk, looks like you got a troll here (Franklin) targeting your site toO. I know the feeling my brother. As you know, Topix forums is a trollhaven unfortunately. I use it to my advantage though, their negetive content is a good contrast to my positive content and makes my positive message more effective…obviously. Have fun with it, I do and it obviously frustrates my troll at the Topix forum in Charleston.

        : )

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 18:59h, 01 March

    The text was sent by the campaign manager of the “clean slate” candidates.

  • Susan
    Posted at 09:29h, 02 March

    Thanks for your work. I went to the recent Board meeting regarding Brueder. I wish more people paid attention.

  • Rosaria
    Posted at 16:19h, 02 March

    My questions is why would a full Board (except one Trustee) vote for all this stuff. What is in it for them. I would love to investigate each and everyone’s financials to really get to the bottom of this gutter. If we had a functioning IRS maybe they could get involved. People don’t just do these kinds of things without getting something out of it. The questions are what is the “something”. We find that out we’ll finish this puzzle.