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Update on Bittman v. Fox et al – Orland Park Library –


Motions to dismiss Bittman’s lawsuit on 7 of the 13 counts have been filed after Bittman filed her amended Complaint. The remaining 6 counts involve matters of fact that cannot be dismissed outright, but will be answered when the judge rules on these motions to dismiss.

As I have previously stated, this is a good case that shows how a public official/employee tries to silence critics by suing for defamation.
This is also an example of what I believe was instigated by at least one Library Trustee, where she stated during a public meeting that she encouraged and hoped Bittman would sue [the critics]. This was after the same trustee was caught on video spewing gay-hate speech outside the Orland Park Municipal Building. This Library will do almost anything, from police intimidation to illegal meetings, to keep all of this under wraps after having been caught covering up illegal activity (patrons caught viewing child pornography) in the building.
Click below to view the filings:
3- Motion to Dismiss (Kleinman)
4- Memorandum (Kleinman)
5- Exhibit 1 (Kleinman)
6- Motion for Extension of Time to Answer (FGI)
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