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March 2, 2024

College of DuPage’s Breuder continues his lies in “COD This Week” –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On February 4, 2015

College of DuPage (ECWd) –

Each week, the College of DuPage President puts out his weekly propaganda piece entitled “COD This Week“.

At the top of page 3 of this week’s piece (here), Breuder states that “College of DuPage is good and is transparent and is growing

While the first and last parts might have some truth to them, the transparent part is a complete fabrication of recent history – the fact is that the College is becoming less and less transparent each and every day.

Anti-transparency actions of the College of DuPage (Breuder and the Board):

-Refusing to move Board meetings to a larger space, even though adequate notice was given and after informing the Attorney General, in writing, they would move if requested.

-We have file suit (read this article) to ask the Courts to order the College to provide public records as required by the Freedom of Information Act. This suit is the result of several denials for records.

-We filed suit (here) to ask the Court to intervene and order the College Board of Trustees meeting to be held in a larger space as required by the Open Meetings Act.

-The Chicago Tribune filed suit to have an order sealing public records of the College overturned as violating the Freedom of Information Act.

-The College violated the Open Meetings by approving Breuder’s severance package without adequate notice to the public, and refusing to provide details to the public prior to voting on it. They even held another meeting to vote again, while continuing to claim they did nothing wrong.

-The College has repeatedly claimed “voluminous requester” and “recurrent requester” in order to stall production of public records requests – knowing the Freedom of Information Act exempts media and non-profits from that designation.

-The College has instituted a new public comment policy, which violates the Open Meetings Act, and its implementation violated their own policy on policy revisions.

These are not actions of a College President and Board of Trustees that are trying to be transparent, they are the actions of a Board trying to be secretive.



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