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June 23, 2024

COD- What kind of game is being played?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On February 4, 2015

DuPage Co. (ECWd)

College of DuPage (COD),  under the direction of its President, Robert Breuder, chose to break the law and seal public records from the Chicago Tribune and Open the Books.  We covered that in a couple articles on the matter here and here.

What I found odd in that illegal sealing of the records was that someone at COD or their attorney named Open the Books as an entity they did not want to provide public records to.

Open the Books did not request the records, is not an individual, corporation, partnership, firm, organization or association acting individually or as a group.

Open the Books is an Internet web-site address! 

The Court rightfully overturned the judges actions because the records are in fact public records, however no one addressed the fact that the initial order attempts to seal records from a Web Site?

It is pretty evident that neither Breuder or the attorney for COD did their homework, unless the goal was just to earn more legal fees for the law firm, which we can’t rule out all things considered.

I filed a Freedom of Information request pertaining to anything requested by “For the Good of Illinois” or “Open the Books” in regards to Broadcast Technologies, which is the company in question. COD has refused to provide the invoices from that company.

The response from COD was as expected!  No documents responsive to your request!  (Click here for the response from COD)

 Why did COD and their attorney spend your tax dollars to seal records from “Open the Books” when in fact that web site address, nor the company that operates the web site, American Transparency, had ever requested ANY records pertaining to Broadcast Technologies?

May I suggest the taxpayer demand that any money paid to the law firm for their actions in this particular matter be returned immediately.  An additional suggestion to the board that will be in place after the next election, fire the law firm and hire outside, “independent” counsel as the appearance of impropriety  is so bright it is blinding!


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