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July 22, 2024

“Obituary” for former ECWd wind turbine article comment/blogger, Mike Barnard,

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On January 11, 2015

Edgar Co. (ECWd)

It’s not uncommon for government subsidized businesses to implement a propaganda strategy to support their cause.   The wind industry is no different!  That industry appears to have “hired guns” who monitor and comment on articles to spread falsehoods and attack those who are being truthful about the harms of wind turbines, and it is possible that such a hired gun tried to set up camp by posting comments on a couple of our articles.  Lone wolf, or hired gun?

We have always posted all comments made by Mr. Barnard and it appears he has been silenced. For review, here are our articles which were targeted by the “newly castrated” Mike Barnard, so-called wind industry expert:

THIS article is when we knew we were being monitored for having hit some nerves of wind companies and pro-winders like Barnard:

THIS article had a lot of people who followed up and focused on exposing Barnard:

We are told that we will no longer be hearing from Mike Barnard because it appears his employer, IBM, who is said to develop smart grid technology, has shut down his on-line antics because they have an anti-cyber bullying policy in place. Here are some links where there has been some coverage of the Mike Barnard exposures. The details can be excruciating, and it appears the truth is out there:

Barnard rabid nasty propaganda parrot

Barnard Revealed

Barnard s wings clipped!

Once again, we learn that you should never believe what you hear. It is best to check things out for yourself. Barnard’s comments read like a false police report……..looks official, but it is a fabrication.

We are looking forward to posting some new articles about wind energy, ordinance changes, and false police reports used against innocent victims who are trying to do the right thing.



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