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June 15, 2024

Logan County…a closer look at Wind Farm supporters’ use of main stream media:

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On January 31, 2015


The Logan County Wind Farm Application of Relight Power was rejected with a 6 – 6 vote.  Six county board members in Logan County voted to approve “human health hazards” to be situated too close to neighbors – six voted against the wind farm.
Before and after the vote, we monitored the Lincoln Courier website for feedback to see why it is even possible the vote was this close.
It was interesting to read the input from wind farm workers, one of whom, according to his facebook page, is an employee of White Construction.  The Logan County wind farm workers seem to have felt threatened by wind turbine victims.  We thought it would be good to show what happens “behind the scenes” and also provide some background information on the people who use social media and community forums to threaten innocent people into submission.
Besides there being a financial windfall to a few people at the huge financial losses of home, health, and well-being of others, we find no motivation for this to happen.  Greed has replaced common sense and community protection.
(Relight power is still trying to get their project approved in Logan County……and the victims are trying to get the ordinance changed before the next application.)
Below is what appeared on the website of the Lincoln Courier:
[gview file=””]
Below here is where the conversation gets a little more vulgar…I redacted the F-word…
Wonder if their employers are proud if this…


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  • Jerry
    Posted at 16:39h, 31 January Reply

    This was a good replacement for my usual late-night entertainment.

  • Thundercloud
    Posted at 17:24h, 02 February Reply

    Time and time again over the years wind developers have been proven to be liars. It is unfortunate that anyone still believes their propaganda. It has been a constant battle in Vermilion County to educate the county board. Many seem to think that this is a game and do not realize the horrible consequences of their decision to approve these industrial machines. Thank God for Ted Hartke and his family. We need more people like him that are not afraid to step up and tell the truth. Come on Vermilion County! Turn off the TV! Get involved!

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