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February 21, 2024

Edgar County Board Study Session – ETSB’s Troy Eads contradicts himself –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On January 29, 2015


Troy Eads, Chairman of the Edgar County ETSB (911) took this time to address the Edgar County Board on what Kirk Allen presented at the January Edgar County Board Meeting.

He begins by apologizing for some of the information provided at the last county board meeting not having all the truths. Then continues on by opining about facts, and suggesting that it is possible the inspectors visited the Sheriff Department under the former Sheriff and were refused information or given inaccurate information. So, he says he will talk facts, then states something that he does not know to be true – I can see how this is going…

Then talks about Mr. Allen’s first documented visit to the 911 board in 2011 asking them to buy some pagers and maintain them, and they declined. – and I thought this was about facts???

This is the same line the 911 board has used for years, and is an absolute lie. What that sentence had to do about the ISO rating, is something I’m still trying to figure out – except maybe to attempt to insert some type of doubt as to why Kirk Allen spoke at the last county board meeting.

At the 3:30 mark, Eads tells the board a brief history of the National Fire Protection Association but what is so telling is his comment at the end of that statement.  A comment that clearly is yet more proof this man should be removed from his position as Board Chairman for 911.

“and now, were finding out, telecommunicators I guess”.

Now your finding out?  You guess?  The 911 Board Chairman basically admits he had no idea NFPA had guidelines for telecommunicators.  Guidelines that are outlined in the very ISO inspection data that impacts the vast majority of property insurance policies.

At about the 4:20 mark, Eads said Kirk lied when he told the board he brought the ISO issue up to the current chairman. He said he has not talked to Kirk a half a dozen times on the phone in the past three years.

I can say Eads lied on that statement.

Most telling, and supportive of demands for his resignation, are Eads’ comments starting at the 4:32 mark of the video.  Kirk was on the phone with Eads, while on speaker phone and I heard it, stated he knew nothing about ISO and learned more in 30 minutes on the phone with them than he could imagine.  That admission on the phone is why Kirk stated he knew nothing about ISO, but now after being exposed, the language changes and he actually digs his hole deeper.

A claim that he has worked for a company for the last 15 years that is ISO certified.  Thank you Troy Eads for making the case you know nothing about ISO as it relates to the PPC program that is the forefront of this matter.

The “ISO” that Eads is talking about is this company, that has nothing to do with the “ISO” in this discussion, which is this company. That being the case, it is a safe bet Eads’ first comment that he knew nothing about ISO as it relates to our 911 system, is a true comment, just as Kirk stated.

When a person sits in front of a County Board and defends his so called “knowledge” on a matter by claiming he works for a company that meets ISO standards, of which has absolutely nothing to do with the ISO system in question, it is clear he does not know a thing about it, just as Kirk stated at the county board meeting.

As long as he has been on the 911 Board, and the fact he acknowledged, as Kirk proved, Kirk had spoken with that board in 2011 about ISO, it is time for him to go because his own words have proven he has taken zero initiative to learn one thing about the ISO system addressed with them in 2011.

Then Eads talks about how he is disappointed that his insurance company didn’t save him money when Hume’s ISO rating went down – repeating that it would not save ALL the people money.

Maybe Eads needs to find a difference insurance company?

Later on he talks about the Kansas Fire Department have the highest tax rate in Edgar County – conveniently failing to state they  also provide fire, ambulance and rescue services. So he did not compare apples to apples when making that statement. Eads talks again about Kansas providing their own service – and they wouldn’t need to keep checking on the county 911 office. Yet another example of why this person needs to be removed from his post.  The county 911 system was mandated by law and established by county resolution.

In one breath he points that it is the compiled statutes that they are bound by and in another he insinuates Kansas can provide their own service if they are not happy.  For a guy that prides himself on knowing the obligations of the 911 System that he is the Chairman of, maybe he needs to actually read the statute.

50 ILCS 750/10.2) (from Ch. 134, par. 40.2)
Sec. 10.2. The Emergency Telephone System Board in any county passing a referendum under Section 15.3, and the Chairman of the County Board in any county implementing a 9-1-1 system shall ensure that all areas of the county are included in the system.

“shall ensure that all areas”

Once again, Eads’ own words support his removal from the 911 Board.  For a Chairman to take the position that if you don’t like the county system you should provide your own in direct conflict with the Illinois Compiled Statutes that mandate that system shall ensure that ALL areas of the county are included in the system.  In short, Emergency services do not have an option to exit from the system as he claims, thus more supporting evidence he has no clue what he is doing.

The rest of his initial comments are simply excuses for why the ETSB’s score was so miserably low on the inspection. This is another example of instead of fixing the problem we are going to cast dispersions on those trying to help everyone possible with lower insurance rates.

At 18:50, Kirk gets his chance for rebuttal.

Watch the video below:



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