Wind Farms Cause Property Value to TANK by FIFTY SIX PERCENT in Vermilion County Illinois.

Vermilion Co., IL. (ECWd) –
Wind Farms Cause Property Value to TANK by FIFTY SIX PERCENT in Vermilion County Illinois.
We have been witnessing a lot of issues with wind farms for the past 2 years.  We are now monitoring and watching to see what happens to a property when wind turbines are constructed nearby.

This summer, APEX Wind Energy constructed a wind farm which is now owned by IKEA (the build-it-yourself furniture company).
This real life example of property value loss due to wind turbines constructed nearby is a 5.19 Acre tract of land featuring multiple outbuildings, grain bins, mature trees, nice home, and swimming pool situated on a very attractive well-maintained property.  The address is 36178 N 990 East Rd, Rossville, Illinois.
This property sold approximately May 27, 2014, at $295,000 BEFORE any wind turbines were constructed.
During June/July/August/November, the landscape surrounding this home took on dramatic changes.  Giant industrial wind turbines, which are known to cause sleep depriving noise and terribly uncomfortable shadow flicker, were constructed in adjacent fields, perhaps 1,500 feet away from this property.
Now, on December 21, 2014, just 6 months after selling for $295,000, this property was listed for sale at a starting asking price of $129,900.
The reason for such a horrendous price drop is because of the known health issues caused by living near wind turbines.  Sleep deprivation is the most common side effect from the low frequency noise these machines produce.  The “heavy thumping” air pressure pulse easily penetrates through the walls of homes and creates a level of discomfort for many people.
If a wind company or local decision maker tries to tell you or simply believes that wind turbines are quiet and/or do not cause property value losses, they are either insane, stupid, joking, lying, misinformed, criminals, heathens, or are in some sick state of mind.
Some wind farm opponents (victims) have made explicit suggestions to people who live near proposed targeted areas:
1.)  If a wind company salesman/attorney comes knocking on your door promising a whole lot of good things to come, get out whatever you use to protect your property and loved ones and run them off your land.  Tell them to never, ever come back again.
2.)  Immediately seek help in making sure none of your neighbors or absentee landowners have signed up any of their properties.
3.)  Wind farm developers prey on vulnerable people.  Especially seek out and assist those who are elderly so they don’t mistakenly sign any contracts with these wind energy companies.
4.)  Don’t be shy about taking a stand for what is good, proper, and right.  If there is anything you can count on, the fact that wind energy is a giant scam is something you can take to the bank.
Look at the below document as detailed proof of exactly what can happen when noisy wind turbines are constructed around your property.
Print them and show them to your neighbors, school district officials, church family, and political decision makers near and far.  It is best to make everyone informed of what is going on within industrial wind turbine clusters.
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  1. This article is VERY biased, and doesn’t actually include factual information. You may want to take into consideration that you are wrong on many points in this article. I realize that this is an older article, but here is the information and the facts that you are missing:

    1. The wind farm bought the above mentioned property for a highly increased value in attempt to get the previous owner to move as the wind farm was planning to make this location their central office hub as the pole barns were a perfect place to store their equipment and vehicles.

    2. The county would not allow the wind farm to utilize the road that this property is located on; therefore making the property essentially useless to the wind farm and they put it for sale. This is why it was listed for so little; to essentially be a short sale because the wind farm was in the process of being sold to IKEA, and simply didn’t want additional assets to maintain.

    3. Not all windmills are created equal. The windmills at this particular wind farm are EXTREMELY quiet. If you can hear their gentle whooshing over the actual wind noise through the trees then you have superb hearing, and would be bothered by everything; especially traffic noise. I assure you there is no loss of sleep here due to windmills; if there is any loss of sleep it is due to coyote howling.

    4. Windmills create CLEAN energy as they don’t burn anything and take advantage of a free resource that is constantly available in this agricultural area.

    5. This wind farm bashing article is the only reason this property would have a loss in value in the future. You need to redact it because it is inaccurate.

    • Jessica Smith, is that your real name?
      1.) APEX wind NEVER showed that location as their planned office/central hub in any of their plans. How many “central hub” offices does APEX need? Why did APEX purchase THREE homes in this project?
      2.) The road in front of this house was controlled by the TOWNSHIP….the county has zero jurisdiction over that road. (APEX purchased the home because the owner did not agree to the good neighbor agreement.)
      3.) These wind turbine are NOT quiet. There are indeed citizens who have complained about the noise at even MORE than 1/2 mile from wind turbines. ALL adjacent landowners within 1/2 mile have so-called “good neighbor” agreements with APEX, and therefore prohibited to complain/report sleep disturbance.
      4.) Wind turbines only exist because of tax credits….subsidy of taxpayer resources. Wind companies rely upon local officials to hand over property rights and land use for non-participating owners. Non-participants are forced to hand over a “free” hazard zone easement in most counties.
      5.) This article is very accurate…..shows the purchase and sale of a house immediately before and immediately after wind turbines. It also shows there are problems, being since the new owner is paid $2,500/year to put up with nearby turbines.

  2. The wind company, APEX, purchased the 5.19 acres in May, 2014. The former owner, Mr. Eyrich, looks to have been way smarter than his neighbors……choosing to sell his home to the wind company rather than sign any sort of so-called “good neighbor agreement.”

    Here’s another house currently for sale within a different Vermilion County wind farm. This is where my wife and I were raising happy kids until Invenergy began operating their machines. We abandoned our home because we could not get relief from Invenergy’s noisy wind turbines which were causing severe sleep deprivation. Many people say this is BS, but we tried to get accustomed to the noise, tried many coping mechanisms. Those coping mechanisms did not work for us. We researched the possibility of soundproofing, but there is no insulation or windows which abate the low frequency noise of a wind turbine. The simple fact is that industrial wind turbines produce low frequency noise at levels which are known to cause sleep disturbance and discomfort for a significant percentage of humans. We are not alone, and many families have abandoned their homes worldwide. It is a consequence of poorly sited wind turbines.

    If there is someone out there who loves “green energy” and is able to “sleep through anything,” our perfectly wonderful home is available for immediate possession. It is true that we have nearby neighbors who say they are unaffected by the turbine noise, so maybe there is a chance for a better outcome than we had. Here’s OUR listing:

    I would NEVER give up the use of my property (sleeping in my own home) in exchange for payments to cover the taxes. I will NEVER purchase any property which may have wind turbines placed nearby. I would consider allowing a person to try my home before he or she purchased it to be sure the noise does not cause sleep problems or intolerable discomfort. It is difficult to sell a home within a wind farm.

    Below is text taken directly from Jeremy Deck’s real estate listing. When I read it, lots of red flags and warning bells are grabbing my attention.

    “WOW! 5.19 acres come with this 3 bedroom ranch home. The house has an updated kitchen, wood fireplace, family room and living room, some updated windows and siding. The property offers a HUGE pole barn with tall door. It is also set up for horses, cattle, etc. It offers another metal building for storage. 5 grain bins, 5 acres, above ground pool with deck, and shed. The property also has a heated and cooled building that would be excellent for at home business, beauty shop, daycare, etc. ALSO, this property is a part of the GOOD NEIGHBOR AGREEMENT which the Hoopeston Wind LLC will give the new owner $2,500 per year for taxes. So buy this home and you won’t pay taxes! Motivated seller! All room dimensions, sq. footage and year built are approximate. Choice between Bismarck & Hoopeston HS. Agents see private remarks.”

    • Unfortunately, this won’t end until decision makers STOP making policy based on perceptions instead of reality. I called the Vermillion County leadership when this proposed project first hit the news. I forwarded them an abundance of information so they could zone turbines far enough away from homes to provide protection for people. They ignored it and signed away the lives of their citizens for pennies on the dollar. This is one of the single largest scams EVER concocted by industry, used to push perception based global climate chaos as an excuse to shift billions of dollars from citizens to global elite. There is NO net benefit to humans, to the environment, or the economy as a whole. It is lunacy.

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