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University of Illinois (ECWd) –

So, not only do they give the award to people defending free public access to child porn (under the guise of defending Intellectual Freedom), but at least one of the trustee admitted to, and was caught on video, spewing homophobic slurs like “Faggot” and “Gay” while outside of the City of Orland Park’s Administration Building.

The below video is of a Trustee finally admitting that child porn was accessed in the library, that the staff knew about it, and did not call the police department. Barbara Jones was sitting right there when Trustee Jennings, the one caught using gay slurs, admitted the child porn was accessed. She is the one who recommended them for the award. Even after she was sitting there and they admitted that they allowed child porn to be accessed.


Other things the Library has done this past year was to violate the Open Meetings Act on a continuous basis, and violate the Freedom of Information Act multiple times by censoring and abridging the freedom of individuals to utilize their RIGHT to review public records. They did this by employing attorneys to fight FOIA and OMA rights of citizens, and it has cost them well over $160,000.00 so far – and the Library keeps losing their battles. This is a premier example of the need to change FOIA to make the individual financially responsible when fighting production of public records, instead of the taxpayers picking up the tab.

So they receive an award, based on: “resisted censorship or efforts to abridge the freedom of individuals” while also participating in such things as, violating the First Amendment free speech rights of citizens to address their public officials, calling in a police report when citizens were exercising their First Amendment free speech rights in handing out flyers, hold illegal meetings to keep people from using their free speech rights, among other unimaginable things.

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2014 Downs Award given to Orland Park Public Library staff, board of trustees

Posted: Dec. 9, 2014

Photo from U of I webpage

The staff and board of trustees of the Orland Park (Illinois) Public Library are the 2014 recipient of the Robert B. Downs Intellectual Freedom Award given by the faculty of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and cosponsored by Libraries Unlimited. Mary Weimar, director of the library, and Nancy Healy, president of the board, will accept the award at the Downs Intellectual Freedom Award Reception held during the midwinter meeting of the American Library Association (ALA).

The library’s staff and board are being honored for defending the principles of intellectual freedom as described in the ALA’s Library Bill of Rights. This year, they received strong opposition to their policy of not filtering adult Internet access in the library. The protracted controversy elicited an intense public response and received a great deal of attention in the Chicago metropolitan area.

In the nomination letter for the award…continue reading…


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Photo from Megan Fox

Photo from Megan Fox

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  1. Has anyone checked to see if the board members have any criminal history? Sex offenses? I mean really, defending child porn is dark…so what are they really hiding? Where do all these utterly sicko people come from on these boards anyhow?

  2. Pure scum. Will the people of Illinois ever wake up and demand changes? I mean,, really, you watchdogs have been exposing this stuff for a while now. Of course the UI, which employs terrorists, doesn’t mind giving awards for child predation.