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Seventh FOIA Suit Filed Against Arcola Township –


Once again, failure to follow the Freedom of Information Act, failure to provide responsive public records to the person requesting the records.

This is the 7th FOIA civil suit against Arcola Township.

You can read it below, but the main problem is that Arcola Township thinks they can do as they please, the law be damned.

Enjoy, and if you are an Arcola Township taxpayer, remember, YOU are paying for this with your property taxes.

This is a prime example for the need of criminal penalties for violations.


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  1. The Taxpayers will get their FOIA’s answered Dec.16th R.R.The “Office Manager-Deputy Clerck” has the most to lose (remember the credit card issue?) so that explains the control issue.The bigger question is why this spinless board she rides roughshod over has let it come to 7 law suits,all at taxpayer expence!

  2. I do not understand how a simple FOIA request was not answered by the Township Clerk. It also looks like all contact is done through the Office Manager-Deputy Clerk. Doesn’t the Clerk have his on email account? Big control issues there. Sending something as simple as monthly bills and invoices through an attorney is a dodge and weave kind of move.

  3. Dave just think about this,the 2 main reasons the township is in court have to do with 2 people who have been at the township for over 25 years.Anybody who wants to admit it know Mark and Deana run the board and the men that sit on it.So protecting their intrests and hides would be a top priority.thus refusing to give out incriminating information is why the township is being sued.You are right,”big city organized crime”at the local level,Arcola Township level!

  4. At what point does a judge declare someone criminally charged for yet another willful violation of the FOIA law. The Arcola Township reminds me of big city organized crime

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