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July 20, 2024

Crestwood CUSD #4 – Superintendent’s Salary –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On December 21, 2014


There has been a considerable amount of misinformation out there about the Crestwood School District #4 Superintendent’s contract. This should clear everything up since copies of the last three contracts are at the bottom of this article. I did not expect to be writing this article, and my intention of getting copies of the contracts were so that I would know what the Crestwood CUSD #4 superintendent’s salary actually was. I picked these up over a week ago.

Before I delve in to the particulars, remember this, the school board members are the ones that set the contract terms and compensation package. If they did not vote in favor of this contract, these terms, and this compensation package, it would not be what it is. If you think this is too high, do not blame the employee for asking for whatever compensation they believe that can receive, instead, blame the school board members for approving it. Remember, you elected them.

So, here we go:

2014 – BASE: $167,705.32 (update: includes employee TRS contribution)
+ Paragraph 8 appears to leave room for salary increases
+ TRS (teacher retirement system) (update: mandated employer contribution)
+ THIS (teacher health insurance security fund)
+ 20 vacation days
+ 18 sick days
+ 3 personal days
+ Mileage

2011 – BASE: $127,582.00 – plus 6%/yr increase. It appears the other perks remain the same.

2007 – BASE: $101,913.89 – plus Health, Dental, and Vision cost increases. It appears the other perks are the same.

*The 2014 contract is $40, 123.32 higher than her Base 2011 contract before its 6%/yr increases.
*When comparing with other school districts, keep in mind this is a (Pre)K-8 school district. (Update: I am being told this is a K-12)

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Crestwood (WinCE)


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