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Correcting the Myth of Mandatory 6% Pay Raises (Crestwood School)…


It was erroneously reported in the November 26, 2014 issue of a local paper that: “State law requires that retiring teachers and administrators be given six percent pay increase each year prior to their retirement“.

That is not the case. State law simply puts a maximum of 6% raise per year, meaning under no circumstance can they receive more than 6% raise in any given year. There is no state law requiring any pay raises.

We have verified that this is not a state law requirement, but instead was negotiated into the teacher’s union contracts (starting on page 18 of this 31 page pdf), that if they provide advanced notice of intention to retire the district will increase their pay 6% each year for up to the four years immediately preceding their retirement. This is for the purpose of reducing school district payroll in the immediate years, and “making up” the difference in their last four years.

Why should this make a difference to you?

Because the article was about Crestwood, CUSD 4’s, proposed bond sales, and this was presumably quoted as a reason for increased costs of the district.


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  1. Illinois law does not cap teacher raises at 6%. Instead, it says school districts must pay a penalty for any raise over 6% in the last 4 years of their career (used for calculating pension benefit). Most teachers in the Chicago area get raises of 7%-8% per year based upon step changes. Lane changes (when they achieve or make progress towards a masters/phd) can be upwards of 10% or more.


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