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April 23, 2024

COD President Breuder ensures public trust destroyed!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On November 4, 2014

DuPage Co. (ECWd)

The truth just keeps “leaking” out.

In the College of DuPage President’s case, it’s much like antifreeze leaking from a 1920 Model T’s radiator. It keeps dribbling green stuff where ever it goes…leaving a trail that anyone can follow.

What is it that makes these people believe, the gas they’re passing or the puddles they are leaving cannot be traced back to them? Will they ever learn?

Breuder took to his weekly rant in the COD newsletter and exposed yet another example of why the public trust has been destroyed.   Once again on page 3 of his routine whining, Breuder exposes information regarding potential criminal fraud at the college that was reported to the State’s Attorney back in December of 2013. (Click Here for copy of the weekly whine)

What is unique with this new series of dribbling is how Breuder continues to claim political action groups, that have been “harassing” and “criticizing” College officials, are now poised to criticize them for allowing fraud to occur undetected.

When public officials stoop to the level that this man has it’s a sign of the times.  Clearly he fails to realize he works for the people and those very people have every right to answers from those working for them.  They also have every right to criticize public officials, but I have to ask a first year college student question of Mr. Breuder.

If the potential fraud was detected as you report, how can anyone criticize the College officials for allowing it to occur undetected? 

Is this guy really a College President?

Breuder makes claim the information we do know came by way of a memo that he shared with the trustees, and then claimed it was one of those trustees who shared that information.   I challenge him to prove that statement.  It’s an accusation with not a shred of evidence to support it.  If he knew for a second where the information came from he would name names.

I can assure you my recent request for information was not in any way triggered by any trustee.  I gave you a little hint with my first sentence Mr. Breuder.  We changed our name to about a year or so ago.  The reason for that was because the vast majority of our information comes not from public officials or Board of Trustees but from those working for them in some capacity, as in employee’s of the public bodies. Is it possible that the information you speak of was “leaked” by people working at the college who knew it was going on and saw nothing being done to hold those wrongdoers accountable?

Mr. Breuder, your own faculty made it clear with their vote of no confidence in you.   I thought you would have understood what is happening.  I do want to thank you for that though!  You see, you sir have created the best environment ever for whistle blowers to rat you out for the things going on under your watch.  We welcome each and every tip and will continue to ensure the public has all the information and not just what you want to dribble in your weekly whine.

We thank you for acknowledging there is a criminal investigation that has been going on for about a year now.  There are always going to be people who break the law within public bodies and we understand those actions cannot always be prevented, no matter who is in charge.  What is important is what actions took place prior, during, and after the discovery of the potential fraud.  That tells us oh so much more and conveniently you left out quite a bit in this week’s dribble.

Your claim that “certain” people want to besmirch the reputation of the College is yet another example of you not being able to look into the mirror and see what the real reflection is.  The only person besmirching the college is you and you just can’t see it because of the arrogance that has garnered you the first ever vote of No Confidence from your staff at COD.

The problem is not any political action group, or certain people, Mr. Breuder.  The problem is you!

It would appear that this week’s whine has leaked yet another key example as to why Breuder must be removed from COD.  In his assumption of what information we may know about the criminal acts in question he reveals something quite interesting.  If the information we have came from a memo that was shared by a trustee, then we don’t know all the facts according to him.

“They know little about the facts. What information they do know came by way of a confidential internal memo prepared by me and sent to the Board of Trustees to inform them of the possibility fraud may have been committed”

Is this an acknowledgement that he has not shared all the facts with the Board of Trustees?  If he is so sure that it was the trustees who shared the information, and claims we don’t have all the facts, is it really a stretch to question if he has shared all the facts with the Board of Trustees?  If he had, and they are in fact sharing information then wouldn’t they have shared all the facts as well?  Or is this a simple case of Breuder not sharing all the facts with the board?  If anyone should have all the facts it would be those in charge, and Mr. Breuder, you sir are clearly not in charge!

The public has a right to know, and just because they are not backing down to your bully tactics doesn’t make them harassers or a political action group.  It makes them citizens in this great country called the United States of America.  A country that has well established citizen rights, called the 1st Amendment.  May I suggest you take a class on that amendment to better understand you answer to the people and they are demanding answers.

This is not about trust in the college.  It is about a lack of trust in you!

Resign and save COD from further agony!



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