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July 20, 2024

Mayor Teri Renner (Bloomington, IL) caught trying to violate Open Meetings Law –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On October 9, 2014


Truth be told, I was still arranging to be in Bloomington, Illinois on Friday morning to take care of business reminiscent of the Clark County Park District incident (here) from earlier this year when I received word of these cancellations. Mayor Teri Renner had planned a “retreat” for the city council for Friday and Saturday, but did not post the required public notice nor the agenda for this public meeting.

Someone must have caught wind of this and Renner canceled the Friday meeting, then posted an agenda for the Saturday meeting on their website. The problem arose again, because there were less than 48 hours between the posting of the agenda and the start of the meeting – and the notice was never posted at the location of the proposed meeting as the law requires. Within a few hours, Mayor Renner canceled the Saturday meeting also.

Renner has taken the Open Meetings Act training and should have known the meetings were to be posted and where they must be posted at.

The importance of this situation in Bloomington is that this very same “retreat” from last year is still under review by the Illinois Attorney General for alleged violations of the Open Meetings Act during an executive session – a complaint that was filed by a city alderwoman after discussions turned to items not allowed by law to be discussed in executive sessions.

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