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July 24, 2024

Mayor Sanders’ cost of political revenge has increased…

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On October 11, 2014


Just when I think I have the wasted tax dollars figured down to the penny, I get notified by readers that I missed a new invoice from Jill Leka, billed to the citizens of Marshall. (previous article)

This new invoice involves an increase of $1,793.75, bringing the grand total to $27,269.87 for what will surely go down in history as the costliest political hit piece in the City of Marshall’s history – or at least the costliest that the citizens were forced to pay.

I sure am glad the citizens pay enough taxes to get these hit pieces accomplished, because I am positive that Mayor Sanders would never use his own money when there is always OPM (Other People’s Money) available.

$27,269.87 for something not even good enough to use as toilet paper. He should be proud of this one. What a waste…

Apparently this newest invoice includes a lot of time talking about FOIA requests. What are they trying to hide?




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