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June 15, 2024

Cullen L. Cullen hiding public records, violating the law –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On October 31, 2014


I requested copies of Cullen Cullen’s calendar for this year so I could see how many days he worked at the school district. I had planned on cross-referencing that with the times he has been out campaigning for State Representative.  This was so that I could show he had been campaigning, while at the same time getting paid for his school superintendent job at the Venice School District.

We already know he uses the school credit card to eat lots of fancy meals on the school’s dime.

We already know he played a part in a loss of around $500,000 in a federal civil rights lawsuit from the ROE where he worked.

Now, the FOIA officer, under the direction of Superintendent Cullen Cullen, is violating the Freedom of Information Act by stalling production of public records that we believe will show he has been campaigning while getting paid for working at the school.

My original request for records was extended by the FOIA officer until November 1, 2014 because it was “too burdensome”. Today I received an email saying they would delay it until November 3, 2014. The Freedom of Information Act lists specifically how they are to respond to requests, and it is not being followed.

So now we are left with the question: What are they hiding?

Cullen Cullen is a candidate for State Representative, and is already hiding public records. What a shame.

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Cullen L. Cullen


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