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May 20, 2024

Alsip Administrative Law Judge, John Weimar – What do others think of him?

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On August 16, 2014


People that flash badges they are not authorized to have must have a mental problem they are dealing with. Maybe they got beat up in school, or they could never make the cut on sports teams or something, but what went through attorney John Weimar’s  (or Jack as some have called him) brain while illegally flashing a badge he was not authorized to carry and impersonating a police officer is something that may come to light in the following statements from complaints filed against him while he was serving as Administrative Law Judge in Orland Park. They did not renew the contract.

— “I have never been treated in such a hostile and discriminatory manner in any court in the United States of America.”

–“The man the village has bestowing justice upon its citizens need to be admonished for his condescending and arrogant approach toward people.”

–“Mr. Weimar behavior and conduct displayed … was unprofessional, unfair, rude, and disrespectful.”

–Mr. Weimar’s speech (prior to any hearings) stated “I heard it all before, there’s no excuse”, “save some time and see the cashier”, “it’s cut and dry so pay the ticket”

–“I felt embarrassed, harassed, and disrespected by the unfair treatment”, “unprofessional”, “violation of basic rights”

–“judicial system is unjust and unfair”, “duked by the thief and by the law”

–“He should be reprimanded for his unfair treatment and inappropriate behavior”

What that shows above, is a person that is on a power trip of some sort. The way he treated those looking for justice is telling. Which brings the other question…why would anyone use a badge they are not authorized to carry and try to intimidate two citizens by flashing it and acting like someone who had police authority if he were not on a power trip?

This power trip also comes out when he lies to the Orland Park Police about a vehicle being parked on the sidewalk and wants two people to be given a couple tickets. He says that like he does it all the time.

I sincerely hope that the Alsip and Hometown city councils read this and eliminate his services to them before this power trip he is on becomes a legal and insurance liability to them and their taxpayers.





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1 Comment
  • Tammy
    Posted at 18:04h, 15 October

    I couldn’t agree more. A true scumbag!!