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July 21, 2024

Orland Park Public Library Scandal – Timeline of Events as of June 20, 2014 –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On June 22, 2014


The Orland Park Public Library Child Porn Scandal (as of 6/20/14)

Reposted from Megan Fox’s Facebook page located here: (click here)
June 7, 2014 at 8:21pm

Someone today asked me for an up-to-date look at the Orland Park Public Library Child Porn scandal and everything that’s happened with this case since October of 2013 when it all began. So, I put this together and thought it might be useful for you as well. So much has happened, but I tried to put all the instances of abuse of power by the Orland Park Public Library Board of Trustees (the OPPL-BoT) and the Orland Park Police Department in here. The whole story of what’s been happening could fill a book.

Timeline of Events for the Orland Park Public Library Child Porn Scandal


SUMMARY: In October of 2013, it was discovered that child porn had been accessed in the past at the Orland Park Public Library (abbreviated as OPPL and located in Chicago’s affluent southwestern suburbs) and that Library staff did not call the police on the man involved. To this day, the OPPL has never done anything to prevent the Library from being used as an access point for child porn despite known sex offenders being spotted in the Library on a regular basis. Instead, the OPPL Board of Trustees (the OPPL-BoT) has aggressively worked to silence its critics in a strategy of “crisis management” that has sought on 8 occasions to use the Orland Park Police Department as goons to terrorize and intimidate the OPPL-BoT’s critics. Their “crisis management strategy” (as they call it) is to do nothing about the Library being an access point for child porn and instead retreat inside a shell, ignoring the public and lashing out at the people it calls its “detractors”.The OPPL-BoT relies on the legal advice of Klein Thorpe Jenkins to repeatedly violate the Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information Act in its “crisis management strategy”. When the Attorney General’s Office of the Public Access Counselor determines in writing that the OPPL-BoT has violated the law, Board President Nancy Wendt Healy claims the Attorney General’s determinations are nonbinding and unenforceable. At Board Meetings, the OPPL-BoT ignores the public, restricts public comment illegally, and attempts to have its critics arrested for challenging this public body on its dangerous decision to allow child porn to continue to be accessed in the Orland Park Public Library. Laws are broken every month, first amendment civil rights are violated, and the OPPL-BoT entrenches itself deeper in its insistence that child porn remain available as “information” to anyone who knows where to access it in the Orland Park Public Library.
This is a case study of a public body with complete contempt for the public, following a radical agenda not wanted by the community, and encouraged to violate the law by attorneys at Klein Thorpe Jenkins who have billed close to $100,000 since October of 2013 to keep child porn accessible at taxpayer expense.
Here’s what happened, from the beginning:
1. On 10/4/13, suburban mother of two Megan Fox witnessed a man in the Orland Park Public Library’s “Adult Computer Area” arousing himself and committing disorderly conduct in clear view of passersby, including teens and children. The Village of Orland Park qualifies it as disorderly conduct to be engaged in lewd behavior such as this that “debauches the public morals” (ordinance 8-6-1-1).Megan wrote about what happened for PJ Media:
2. Megan complained to Library staff about the man arousing himself upstairs on 10/4/13 and got the response that “we get a lot of those (in the OPPL)”. Unsatisfied by this response from staff, Megan wrote a letter of complaint to the Library Director (Mary Weimar) and to the OPPL-BoT early in the morning on 10/5/13 but received no reply from them and was ignored. In retrospect, it seems like the Library’s strategy initially was to ignore her and hope that Megan went away…and when she didn’t, the strategy became to scare Megan away and silence her as a critic.
3. Curious as to what the Library staffer meant when she said they “get a lot of those” up in the Adult Computer Area, Megan used the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to request copies of the internal incident reports written by Library staffers in recent years. The Library played games and fought production of these reports for several weeks, but after the Attorney General’s Office of the Public Access Counselor got involved they ultimately produced a giant stack of papers that included reports of sex crimes occurring in the Library that went unreported to police. The most horrifying of these was the fact that on March 8th, 2011 child porn was openly accessed in the Orland Park Public Library but the staff chose not to call the police as they were obligated to do and the man who accessed the child porn got away.Megan detailed her findings from her FOIA investigation in a series of articles on PJ Media:
Keep in mind that in every one of these instances above that the Library was obligated to call the police but they purposefully chose not to do that. This is a pattern of behavior on the part of Library management and staff.
4. FIRST ATTEMPT TO — USE THE POLICE AGAINST CRITICS…Requests made under the FOIA also uncovered a great many internal Library emails where it became clear that Library management was engaged in a “crisis management strategy” where the Library believed it could silence Megan Fox by attacking her. The goal here seemed to be for the Library to escape criticism for the child porn and other incidents of sex crimes occurring in the Library by instead taking punches at its critic, Megan Fox, and scaring her away.One such email obtained through FOIA showed Library Director Mary Weimar emailing Orland Park Chief of Police Tim McCarthy on 10/8/13 and asking him to investigate Megan’s YouTube page because she sang a song 3 years ago about the 2nd amendment at a Tea Party rally. Mary Weimar contacted the police on 10/8/13 to have Megan harassed over a Tea Party folk song from years ago…but Mary Weimar chose to never contact Megan about her letter of complaint regarding what she saw going on in the Library on 10/4/13. Later FOIA requests for the legal billing invoices of Klein Thorpe Jenkins show that Mary Weimar was consulting E. Kenneth Friker, the Library’s principal attorney, beginning on 10/6/13, immediately on receipt of Megan’s complaint on 10/5/13.
Other emails reveal that E. Kenneth Friker was in contact with Chief McCarthy at this time as well, seemingly putting pressure on the Police Chief to harass Megan over her YouTube account after she complained about seeing a man arousing himself and committing disorderly conduct in the Library.
Megan wrote about this first attempt to use the police against her to silence her as a critic here:
5. It must be noted here that linking Megan Fox to a Tea Party group was a big priority for Mary Weimar and was consistent with actions taken by Barbara Jones of the American Library Association. Jones, the Director of the ALA’s Office of Intellectual Freedom, started talking about Megan Fox (and her colleague Kevin DuJan) at events that Jones attended in the area, including one held in Skokie and caught on video. Jones called Fox & DuJan “a Tea Party group” in her remarks…and this became a common theme whenever the ALA discussed Fox & DuJan as critics of the OPPL.This was part of the “crisis management strategy” used by the OPPL on the advice of the ALA, because people on the Left hate the Tea Party and by identifying Fox & DuJan as “a Tea Party group” the ALA and OPPL hoped to generate support for attacks on Fox & DuJan. This is all consistent with the Alinsky Rules for Radicals and was a strategy from the very beginning to alienate, polarize, malign, and attack Fox & DuJan and thus eliminate them as critics of the Library. It is no accident that Mary Weimar tried so hard to get Police Chief McCarthy to harass Megan over a Tea Party video…because Weimar was attempting to discredit Megan as a critic of the Library’s by painting her as “one of those Tea Party people”. This was how Weimar intended to avoid dealing with Megan’s complaint about the illegal activity she saw going on in the Library…by instead attacking the messenger.
6. Another interesting find in FOIA production was an email from an OPPL-BoT member named Diane Jennings acknowledging that they had a serious problem with men arousing themselves in the Adult Computer Area of the OPPL. Trustee Jennings plainly admitted that she knows there are men watching “filth” in the library and that the Library staff doesn’t stop them. She also makes an inappropriate joke about kidnapping and child molesters.Megan wrote about this for PJ Media too:
7. On 10/21/13, Megan Fox and Kevin DuJan attended the October meeting of the OPPL-BoT and spoke during the public comment period about what they found during their FOIA investigation up to that point. The Library chose to have James Fessler of the law firm Klein Thorpe Jenkins conduct portions of the Board meeting. Fessler behaved in a reprehensible way during the meeting in an attempt to intimidate Fox & DuJan and limit what they could talk about during the meeting. This was caught on video and posted to YouTube. The video was posted on 10/22/13 and went viral the next day and was quickly seen by over 13,000 people, who were shocked that this Board would choose to allow Fessler to conduct himself in this way while representing them.See video here:
8. SECOND ATTEMPT TO — USE POLICE AGAINST CRITICS…On 10/23/13, one day after the YouTube video of the 10/21/13 OPPL-BoT meeting was posted, attorney James Fessler knowingly contacted the Orland Park Police Department and made a false police report against Fox & DuJan (when he knew at the time that he had no reason to believe that any crime was committed, which is a breach of ethics for an attorney in Illinois). He was clearly upset that 13,000 people were laughing at his behavior during the Board Meeting and he knew he could never have the video removed from YouTube.To get revenge, Fessler told the police that he was receiving “annoying” emails (from someone in Indiana who had seen the video) and an “annoying” phone call (from someone who seems to have worked in the Department of Water and Power, according to information that Fessler gave the police). Fessler attempted to link Fox & DuJan to the “annoying” emails and call that he received after the YouTube video of him was posted. He also told police that someone in Indiana thought he was gay because of how he acted in the video. The Orland Park Police actually wasted a large sum of taxpayer resources having patrol cars sit outside of Fessler’s residence to protect him from “annoying” people on the Internet who never once threatened him, though no reasonable person could determine that was warranted by the police. This was a blatant attempt by Fessler to “build a record” on Fox & DuJan to intimidate them as critics. It’s a common Alinsky tactic too: just keep making false police reports so that a thick file gets created and eventually the police get sick of it and feel pressure to “do something about this”. Fessler knew that the police would never charge him for making a false report since Fessler works for a firm that does a lot of business with the Village.
A tactic like this is designed as a pressure point to be used on the critics to make them afraid of the increasingly large police file being created on them and to alienate these critics from allies and friends, since people naturally start to wonder why the police are being called all the time if what the critics are doing is not wrong. Fessler’s behavior on 10/23/13 and afterwards is currently the subject of a complaint before the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission. That complaint asks the ARDC to revoke Fessler’s license to practice law in Illinois because of his behavior since October of 2013 in matters related to the OPPL-BoT.
9. THIRD ATTEMPT TO — USE POLICE AGAINST CRITICS…Megan Fox and Kevin DuJan protested outside the Library on public property on 11/4/13, handing out informational flyers to let the community know that sex crimes were committed in this Library and that Library staff covered it up. Library Director Mary Weimar and Library Spokesman Bridget Bittman called the police to have them arrested for exercising their first amendment rights. The police arrived and informed Weimar and Bittman that this was public property and that people could pass out anything they wanted, whether the Library liked it or not.You need to appreciate the irony here: the Library maintains to this day that it has to keep child porn available in this public building because child porn is “information” and it would be against the first amendment to block child porn from the computers (which is a lie). But, here Weimar and Bittman have no qualms at all about silencing the first amendment rights of their critics. This was the third instance of Library staff “building a record” on Fox & DuJan with the police. In every one of these instances, the Village of Orland Park could have charged the Library staff with making false police reports but when Megan Fox asked the police why this was not happening the police said, “We don’t do that and we have to take any report that is made” whether it is true or not.
The 911 call from 11/04/13 is here: an interesting aside, mention should be made of who some of the characters in this drama really are. Bridget Bittman is the granddaughter of Dorothy Comiskey, who owned the Chicago White Sox until 1959 (so Bittman is one of “those” Comiskeys). Nancy Wendt Healy, President of the Board, is the sister of TV actor George Wendt, who played the character “Norm Peterson” on the old show “Cheers”. Police Chief Tim McCarthy used to be a Secret Service agent and he was on duty the day that President Ronald Reagan was shot back in 1981. Board of Trustees Member Denis Ryan (one of the loudest voices calling for child porn to be allowed to be accessed in the OPPL) is the husband of a Chicago Public School teacher.
Julie Anne Craig (one of only two “good guys” on the Board who is against child porn) is the ex-wife of a former Bears player and was at one time a popular model. Diane Jennings, also on the Board, is known as “The Calendar Girl” because she attends each monthly meeting dressed in a costume meant to depict the major holiday that month (or a minor holiday of her choosing).
It’s quite an oddball assemblage of characters.
10. Library Spokesmen Bridget Bittman repeatedly and aggressively lied to the news media, denying that child porn was accessed and saying that no sex crimes had occurred in the Library. She also lied about the number of instances of illegal activity in the Library where the police should have been called. Mostly, the media let her get away with this because the media seems determined to not write a negative story about a library. But, on 11/6/13, Bittman went on the Dan Proft & Bruce Wolf show on 89 WLS AM and attempted to lie about the child porn that was accessed in the Library. Proft and Wolf forced her to finally admit that, yes, indeed child porn was accessed in the building.This was the last radio interview that Bittman ever gave. From then on, she only made prepared statements to the media via press releases and short emails and would never again agree to a live on-air interview.
Megan wrote about it on PJ Media here:
11. Saturday Night Live caught wind of this story and mocked the OPPL during Seth Meyers’ Weekend Update segment:
12.  FOURTH AND FIFTH ATTEMPTS TO — USE POLICE AGAINST CRITICS…Here is an article that Megan wrote recapping the first five times that the OPPL-BoT engaged in the pattern and practice of making false police reports about Fox & DuJan in that “build a record” strategy.


Attempts #4 and #5 in the pattern involve Board President Nancy Wendt Healy, who made two false police reports on 11/14/13 and 11/15/13 against Megan Fox. The backstory is that Megan attempted to invite Healy to tea at her house to discuss what had been going on with the Library in a calm and relaxed setting. Megan honestly thought she could appeal to Healy’s decency and work with her to ramp down the negative energy and come to a sensible resolution to things, despite the Library’s efforts to keep escalating matters needlessly.The Library had done something to block Megan from sending emails to the Library Board, where emails Megan would send them would bounce back. Megan had a document she wanted to get to Healy before the next Board Meeting and since she couldn’t email it the only way she knew it would reach Healy in time was if Megan dropped it off for Healy at her house (Healy has no office). Megan looked up Healy’s address on Google and drove the tea invitation to her, placing it neatly on the stoop outside Healy’s door. Healy then called the police and used her title as Board President and asked the police to “make a record” on Megan Fox. She succeeded in getting the police to harass Megan at home and tell her that she would be arrested if she sent anything at all to Nancy Wendt Healy in the mail (this is not legal, but the police are apparently allowed to lie this way). The next day, Healy also asked the police to harass Megan Fox over her FaceBook page because Healy didn’t like it…but the police declined that time. Still, two new police reports were written against Megan Fox on 11/14/13 and 11/15/13 even though she did nothing wrong and broke no laws…the Library still succeeded in building a bigger “record” against Fox.
Here are videos of Nancy Wendt Healy’s attempts to “build that record” using the Alinsky Method of targeting “enemies” for police harassment:
13. SIXTH ATTEMPT TO — USE THE POLICE AGAINST CRITICS…this occurred on 10/31/13 but it was not discovered until much later, in a FOIA document dump made by the Village of Orland Park. It seems that on 10/31/13 Library Director Mary Weimar attempted to accuse Megan Fox of being a woman in a video that the Library was complaining about in an unrelated matter. Weimar kept insisting it was Megan in the video and it’s clear that Weimar just wanted to “build that record” on Fox to have her listed in another police report. Another Library staffer, however, told the police the truth and said that was definitely not Megan Fox on the video but was instead (Name Redacted), a person that the other staffer knew and recognized.Weimar tried overruling that staffer but police wouldn’t buy it. Weimar succeeded in getting Megan’s name into another police report by accusing her of being that other woman, even though Weimar’s employee told police that Weimar was wrong. This is similar to the tactic used by James Fessler on 10/23/13, just to get someone’s name into a police report because possibly this would scare the critic away (seeing as how people don’t want to be included in police reports). It does not appear that Weimar realized at the time that by FOIA-ing the police these kinds of attempts at “building a record” against Fox would be revealed.
14. SEVENTH ATTEMPT TO — USE THE POLICE AGAINST CRITICS…happened on 11/6/13 when a man named Tomasz Kusmider was used as a stooge by the OPPL-BoT. He called the police from the Library and told them that Megan Fox is a terrorist working for Al Queda. The Police made an actual report on this. They responded to the Library and interviewed Kusmider and then had him go to the police station. Kusmider claimed that Megan Fox is working with Al Queda because she is criticizing the Library and Kusmider did not like a video that Megan had posted to YouTube (presumably the one with Fessler at the Board Meeting).The police declined to pursue this further, but still the “record” against Megan Fox was increased to seven police reports. This same man, Thomasz Kusmider, came to the 11/18/13 OPPL-BoT meeting and screamed and yelled and carried on like a lunatic. Before and after the meeting he was observed speaking in a friendly way with Bridget Bittman, Mary Weimar, and Diane Jennings (whom he seemed to know well).
15. At the December 2013 Board Meeting, the OPPL-BoT would not allow Dan Kleinman (the national expert on illegal activity happening in public libraries) to speak during Public Comment via FaceTime or SKYPE despite the Library having no rule prohibiting this and the OMA not having anything that would prohibit it. In fact, two OPPL-BoT members (Cathy Lebert and Julie Anne Craig) regularly appear at OPPL-BoT meetings via telephone because they do not feel like showing up in person to the meetings. They not only speak during the meetings but they vote on matters for final action via telephone.The OPPL also regularly hosts speakers who appear via SKYPE or other videoconference means. The OPPL-BoT just didn’t want to hear what Dan Kleinman had to say (from his office in New Jersey) and so they denied him the right to speak.Video:
16. It was later learned that on 12/17/13 Library Director Mary Weimar and Library Spokesman Bridget Bittman were the featured speakers at a “Crisis Communications Workshop” videoconference that originated from the RAILS (Reaching Across Illinois Library Systems) Burr Ridge location. This can only be described as a hatefest, where Weimar and Bittman spoke for 45 minutes about strategies that public library employees can use against their perceived enemies and critics. This includes using the police as goons to scare away critics, treating the public as the opposition, digging up dirt on critics, and otherwise using public resources as public employees to attack the public.This videoconference was broadcast to all 8 RAILS locations around the state; at each location, employees of RAILS and also the Heartland Library System and other libraries came to view and participate in the videoconference. There were between 150 and 200 attendees for this event, all of them public employees. The American Library Association and the Illinois Library Association also gave a presentation on how public libraries can get away with violating the OMA and FOIA and how they can all thwart public oversight of public libraries. The OPPL-BoT destroyed all documents it had related to this hatefest, refused to produce anything under FOIA, and to this day refuses to talk about what went on at that “Crisis Communications Workshop” that was paid for by taxpayers.
It’s also interesting that Bridget Bittman talked about never again going on radio shows like Dan Proft & Bruce Wolf’s because she couldn’t control the messaging on that live show, so she listed doing that show on 11/6/13 as a major mistake she made in “crisis management”.
17. Starting in January of 2014, the OPPL-BoT seems to have decided to engage in a change of tactics. From October to December 2013, the “crisis management strategy” seemed to be all about attacking Megan Fox, trying to have her arrested, and scaring her away. But beginning in January the Library’s lawyers at Klein Thorpe Jenkins really took the forefront and began engaging in blatant violations of the Open Meetings Act. This was in addition to obstruction and delays that violated the Freedom of Information Act with FOIA requests.By May of 20114, this strategy would cost taxpayers close to $100,000 in legal fees paid to Klein Thorpe Jenkins. At every Board Meeting from January through May of 2014, the OPPL-BoT sought to prohibit, restrict, interrupt or otherwise discourage public comment at all of their meetings. All of this is in violation of the Open Meetings Act. It seems the OPPL-BoT decided it had heard enough and didn’t want to listen anymore.
Megan Fox wrote about it for PJ Media here:
18. The Attorney General’s Office of the Public Access Counselor later ruled in May of 2014 that the OPPL-BoT violated the OMA on 1/20/14 when Board President Nancy Wendt Healy interrupted public comment and refused to allow people to speak about child porn or the Library’s unsecured computer networks. At the time, Healy claimed that her lawyers at Klein Thorpe Jenkins specifically told her that she did not have to allow public comment. The OMA, however, does not allow a Board to restrict the topic of public comment. Healy then said that the PAC has no authority over her and that its decisions are nonbinding and need not be listened to.
19. The OPPL-BoT violated the law again on 2/12/14, by having a special meeting on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday (a legal holiday) to push through a vote to keep the access to child porn available on a day when the public wouldn’t be expecting it and wouldn’t be there to object. They also broke the law by not allowing public comment at this meeting and by not posting proper notice to the public of this special meeting. The AG ruled in both the case above and this one that they again are in violation of the OMA and committed a Class C Misdemeanor…again. The determination was made by Tola Sobitan on 5/19/14 and on that same day Nancy Wendt Healy announced at an OPPL-BoT meeting that it didn’t matter that the PAC decided the meeting was held illegally and that the PAC is only an advisory board and the OPPL-BoT does not have to listen because its opinions are nonbinding. This seems to be poor legal advice being given to this Board by Klein Thorpe Jenkins. It was the KTJ firm in the presence of Dennis G. Walsh, board attorney, who encouraged the OPPL-BoT to hold the illegal meeting on February 12th in the first place.
20. This next part is complicated, but it’s the result of holding an illegal meeting where the OPPL-BoT voted on 7 different items for final action (at a meeting that was determined to be illegal). This means that everything done at that meeting is “void ab initio”, which means “void from the beginning” because it was done at a meeting that was inconvenient for the public in violation of the OMA. At that 2/12/14 illegal meeting, the OPPL-BoT rammed through a vote to keep child porn available on library computers and they also passed a bunch of restrictions to the public comment policy that are themselves illegal (such as giving preference to residents over nonresidents, not allowing the public to use electricity during a meeting, and prohibiting people from speaking during public comment over SKYPE or FaceTime).The OPPL-BoT to this day attempts to enforce policies it “passed” during the illegal meeting. Also, the OPPL-BoT installed a new Board Member during the illegal meeting (a woman named Beth Gierach). Her appointment to the Board and swearing-in are void ab initio as well. They created this giant mess for themselves by ramming all this through during an illegal meeting on 2/12/14 when they could have just waited to do all this on 2/17/14 when they were having their normal monthly meeting for February.
21. Complicating all this even further is the fact that Klein Thorpe Jenkins recognized that what the board did on 2/12/14 was illegal…so on 3/17/14 the Board then decided to hold a rapid fire vote to “ratify and affirm” everything they did on 2/12/14. They held no deliberation or recital for any of these items, and just ran down a fast list of everything they did at the illegal meeting and said ‘We are making this legal by ratifying it today”. But, the OMA does not provide for this. Since the 2/12/14 meeting was illegal and everything done that day was void ab initio then proper recital and deliberation was never done for any of these items (including the appointment of Beth Gierach to the board).To this day, the OPPL-BoT seats Gierach as a board member even though she has never been properly appointed or sworn-in and it attempts to enforce the illegal restrictions on public comment (even though they were never properly passed as Board policies). We are still awaiting a determination from the PAC on the 3/17/14 illegal “ratify and affirm” votes where no recital or deliberation was ever held on these items.
22. More document dumps responsive to FOIA requests uncovered collusion between the library and the local paper to keep only positive stories about the library in the news. This same editor, Bill Jones of the Orland Park Prairie, ran an editorial full of falsehoods against Megan Fox. He has since been disciplined for it and received a one week suspension from the paper’s owner, Jack Ryan.
23. More investigation led to the discovery of a new porn craze…making porn in public libraries on publicly paid for wifi…this is what the library encourages by refusing to stop this behavior and by letting it be known that they do not call the police when people are engaging in sex crimes in a public library.
24. At the 4/21/14 Board Meeting, Nancy Wendt Healy again violated the OMA by making the arbitrary and extemporaneous decision to now start requiring people to stand up at a podium if they wish to make public comment. That might not sound like a big deal to you, but the OMA does not require this and the OPPL-BoT has no policy that requires people to stand to be able to speak. This is intimidating to a lot of people and also it’s a hardship on people with disabilities who cannot stand up at a podium. Previously, people had been able to address the board from their seats and nothing has ever been said about the Board not being able to hear speakers. Nancy Wendt Healy has a habit of popping things into her head that she wants changed during a meeting and then demanding them, even though there is no basis for these restrictions in either the law or the board’s own policies.
25. Before the May Board meeting on 5/19/14, a majority of a quorum of Board Members was observed meeting before the Open Meeting started, behind a closed door while they clearly were discussing Board business. This included President Nancy Wendt Healy, Diane Jennings, Beth Gierach (who is treated as a board member despite never being properly appointed to the board) and Library Director Mary Weimar. Additionally, Library Spokesman Bridget Bittman kept zipping in and out of the room with papers. All the people in the room had Board Packets in front of them and other documents. Mary Weimar was clearly directing Nancy Wendt Healy on things to do.None of this is allowed by the OMA, which prohibits a majority of a quorum of Board Members from meeting outside the eye of the public and discussing Board business. We believe it was at this strategy session that the board members coordinated on calling the police at some point. Earlier that month, a school board in New Hampshire had called the police on a critic of theirs during a board meeting and we believe the OPPL-BoT decided to replicate that for themselves (only it blew up in their faces like everything else).
26. At the 5/19/14 board meeting, a plan was in place to call police on Fox & DuJan during the meeting. We believe this has to do with the fact that the Board received the ruling on 5/19/14 from the PAC about the illegality of the 2/12/14 meeting and the Board wanted revenge for that. James Fessler represented the board on 5/19/14 and remember that Fessler is the same man who on 10/23/13 made the false police reports against Fox & DuJan. There is a pattern of Fessler using the police as a tool against his perceived enemies. The Board was highly embarrassed by the 2/12/14 ruling from the PAC and Klein Thorpe Jenkins was also humiliated, because Dennis G. Walsh had represented the firm in the media and had said in the Chicago Tribune that “February 12th is not a legal holiday” (when the PAC definitely stated that it was).Fessler was out for blood and it was revealed later that he had been in communication with Police Chief Tim McCarthy about sending in the police at some point during the meeting to scare away Fox & DuJan and prevent them from attending any future meetings. During the 5/19/14 meeting, a man not affiliated with Fox & DuJan could not hear what the board was mumbling about during a portion of the meeting devoted to hiring contractors for an expensive renovation of the lobby. The Board ignored this man, even though the public could not hear what was being said during the mumbling. Megan Fox asked them to answer this man’s question. This was at most a 10-second interruption by way of the public citing the OMA and its requirement that the Board conduct business openly for the public (and mumbling and speaking low so the public cannot hear is not allowed).
At no time did President Nancy Wendt Healy or any member of the board ask Megan Fox or anyone else to leave. Library Spokesman Bridget Bittman just leapt up at one point and started running around the room. Some people in the audience believed she may have even been going for a weapon of some kind (a baseball bat or even a gun), as she strangely went into a broom closet in the back of the room. It turns out she was actually calling 911 even though the Board clearly did not ask her to do that. This seems to have been all planned ahead of time.
Here are video clips of the 5/19/14 meeting:
27. Through FOIA requests we obtained a video made by library employee Joy McFadden that caught board attorney James Fessler and Board Spokesman Bridget Bittman talking on film about how they colluded with Police Chief Tim McCarthy ahead of time to arrange this police visit. No arrests were made despite their best efforts to trump up some charge of disorderly conduct. Keep in mind, at no time did the board president or any board member ask us to leave. The police say clearly in the video that what happened was not a disruption of any kind but was merely an interruption (and one that is allowed under the OMA as a point of order when the Board is not complying with the OMA).See here:
28. Here’s a great video showing all the times that the OPPL-BoT disrupts its own meetings, including times when the Board interrupts the public illegally: lost in all the commotion involving the “Hot Cops” being called and Bridget Bittman racing around the room and everything else that led Board Member Dan Drew to call the evening “a fiasco” are the TEN (count ’em, TEN) violations of the Open Meetings Act that were committed by the OPPL-BoT on 5/19/14. That’s the most OMA violations they’ve ever committed in one meeting, a new record for them.A complaint was filed on 5/21/14 and it took two whole days to write them all up. The complaint was something like 25 pages long, the longest complaint so far.The violations on 5/19/14 were:(a) holding a secret pre-meeting strategy session closed to the public with a majority of a quorum of Board Members discussing board business behind a closed door.(b) allowing their attorney, who is not a board member but is instead just a paid contractor, to act as a board member and conduct portions of the meeting.(c) unequal treatment where the attorney, James Fessler, was allowed to speak and interrupt others whenever he pleased but other non-Board Members in the room were not allowed to do that.(d) the Board conducted portions of the meeting in mumbles and low-speak so that the public could not hear them or get them on tape, which is a violation of the OMA because at Open Meetings the public must be able to hear and understand Board Members(e) refusing to allow Dan Kleinman to speak during public comment at the meeting(f) enforcing a policy against Dan Kleinman being allowed to speak when no such policy has ever properly been passed by the Board.
(g) allowing Bridget Bittman to race around the room and call for the police to interrupt the meeting when the Board never voted or authorized Bittman to do this during the meeting; this is also unequal treatment, as both Bittman and Joy McFadden are employees of the Board who made a lot of movements during the meeting that are clearly distracting and yet Nancy Wendt Healy never admonished them for being “distracting” when she claimed that others were “distracting her field of vision”
(h) seating Beth Gierach as a Board Member when this woman has never been properly appointed or sworn in as a Board Member.
(i) allowing the police to be brought into the room, interrupt the meeting, and intimidate the Board’s critics; by their own admissions, Bridget Bittman and James Fessler are heard on video stating that this was coordinated ahead of time with Police Chief Timothy J. McCarthy.
(j) Nancy Wendt Healy arbitrarily and extemporaneously deciding that a man named “JP” could not stand by the wall near the door and film the meeting, even though Joy McFadden had stood in approximately the same place on the other side of the room and had filmed the meeting from that vantage point. This is unequal treatment and also a violation of the OMA because there is nothing in the law that says someone cannot stand when filming during a meeting if that is the vantage point and angle that the person wants to film. It is an unreasonable restriction and prohibition of a member of the public’s right to film.
There could be even more, but we stopped at ten. Will the Board try to break its own record in June?
29. This is a video response to Nancy Wendt Healy’s statements that she doesn’t really have to follow what the PAC tells her to do:
30. Here Megan Fox attempts to get the Orland Park Police Department to open a case against the Library Board for violating the OMA, but the police refuse:  This is important because the police never refuse to act as agents and goons of the OPPL-BoT, but the police refuse to intervene when the OPPL-BoT violates the law.31. The Orland Park Police have told Megan Fox that known sex offenders like David Varlotta frequent the OPPL and have been seen using computer devices and WiFi when that is a violation of their parole. This is common for sex offenders, whose parole officers prevent them from using the Internet in their homes…so these guys go to the public library to get online and download and trade materials including child porn that they are not allowed to access at home. For years this has been happening in places like the OPPL.In May 2014, a man by the name of Scott Baudin was sentenced to 10 years in prison for accessing child porn at the Bloomingdale Public Library. The reason this keeps happening is because library Directors like Mary Weimar deliberately thwart police investigations, keep the police from being called, and set these libraries up as access points for child porn where criminals know that the libraries erase all records every night. Public libraries have become the safest place a sex offender can go to access child porn…and it just so happens that these are buildings full of children where library staff do not call the police when they should. It’s a nightmare scenario waiting to happen, akin to knowingly chumming the water for sharks right by the kiddie pool at the beach.In Scottsdale, Arizona on 6/5/14 it was reported that a man named Murat Alev (a school bus driver!) was arrested for downloading child porn in the Scottsdale Mustang Public Library. Hundreds and hundreds of child porn downloads. This monster told the police that he specifically came to the Mustang Library to access child porn because it was widely known that the Internet filters there were weak and that he believed he could get away with downloading the child porn there, when he couldn’t get away with it at home. How many monsters are coming to the Orland Park Public Library because they, too, believe this is a safe access point where they can download child porn?See:
This brings us up to the present (6/7/14). No doubt the OPPL-BoT will try something else at the June Board Meeting. It’s concerning that Police Chief Tim McCarthy is continuing to participate in collusion with the Library Board against the public, but that’s what he’s been doing since October of 2013. It’s clear that Chief McCarthy has no interest in seeing that the OPPL-BoT complies with the OMA and follows the law…but that the Chief is always willing to collude with Klein Thorpe Jenkins and the Library against the Library’s critics. If things continue at this rate, the Village of Orland Park is going to soon find itself in federal court on civil rights violations attempting to justify Police Chief McCarthy’s actions.I think this is where all of this is ultimately headed, actually. With the Village of Orland Park being sued for gross civil rights violations stemming from how Chief Timothy J. McCarthy has conducted himself in this matter. The Village claims it has no responsibility for how the OPPL-BoT behaves (and no liability for the laws it breaks) but the Village will certainly be on the hook for the police abuse.NOTE: There are almost 100 videos posted to Megan Fox’s YouTube channel that chronicle everything that has happened with the Orland Park Public Library Child Porn Scandal from the beginning.You can find all of the videos here:, Megan has been updating her FaceBook page daily with the latest happenings, sometimes while things are happening during Board Meetings. All of that can be found on her FaceBook page (you know, the one that Nancy Wendt Healy tried to get the police to censor).  Library staffers did manage to get the FaceBook page taken down for a few days in November by making false reports on it to FaceBook, but Megan wrote about FaceBook taking it down on PJ Media and POOF! it was put back up again the same day her article appeared.*** UPDATED ***6/16/14 – at the June OPPL-BoT meeting, the Open Meetings Act was violated in five separate ways:  (1) Dan Kleinman was denied his right to address the Board, (2) Diane Jennings and Denis Ryan held secret, whispered conversations during the meeting that the public could not hear, (3) Nancy Wendt Healy and Denis Ryan held secret, whispered conversations during the meeting that the public could not hear, (4) Beth Gierach was again seated as a Board Member and was allowed to vote on matters for final action (including a massive amount of spending) despite never having been properly appointed to the Board, and (5) the Board prevented filming of the meeting via one camera that had to be plugged in because the Board would not allow Library electricity to be used during the meeting to power the camera.
Videos of all this meeting are found below:
Megan Fox speaking = Kleinman being denied right to speak =
Maryam Judar (Citizen’s Advocacy Center) =
Georgia Smithee (Citizen’s Advocacy Center) =
Kevin DuJan =
John Kraft =
Kirk Allen =
Beth Gierach =

*** UPDATED ***
6/20/14 = An effort to attack Megan Fox with trolls was encouraged by Chris McFadden, the husband of Joy McFadden (who is paid $104,000 a year to be the Virtual Services Manager at the OPPL). Chris McFadden goes by the name “CH Ryan” online and works for the computer company “Jellyvision”. The attack was coordinated by a page called “Fuck Alex Jones” where Chris McFadden encouraged the trolls to “educate” me and thanked them for attacking me. Chris McFadden “liked” the FAJ page shortly before the attacks on me began. I believe he was instrumental in encouraging this and his intent was to incite unstable people to harm me physically next month at the board meeting.
I believe that Chris McFadden was getting revenge on me for Joy McFadden getting in deep trouble last month, because a video that Joy McFadden recorded on accident had to be produced responsive to a FOA request and that video just happened to catch Bridget Bittman and James Fessler talking about how they colluded with Police Chief Timothy J. McCarthy ahead of time to plan a stunt involving the police on 5/19/14. Word is going around town that Chief McCarthy is being forced to resign in disgrace over this whole mess, since there is mounting proof he’s been involved in an organized effort to use the police as a weapon against the public whenever public bodies in Orland Park want this goon service. I believe that Chris McFadden had a desire to seek revenge for his wife getting in trouble over recording that video and he chose to use the FAJ page to engage an “army” of trolls to do just that.


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  • Anonymous
    Posted at 09:44h, 22 June Reply

    Those people in the library did all of this to keep child porn available when there is no legal requirement for them to do so. On top of it being a requirement for them to report to authorities when child porn is accessed. They not only don’t do that, but they made a deliberate choice to attack the people who criticize them while keeping the child porn access flowing. It’s really sick. What has our country come to?

    • SafeLibraries
      Posted at 03:41h, 23 June Reply

      Also, Illinois library law and local municipal law make it illegal to allow porn in the library. The need for all the attacking of Megan Fox and Kevin DuJan is to hide that very thing from the public. Why? It applies statewide. All Illinois libraries. Internet porn is illegal in all Illinois libraries. And that includes child pornography.

  • dmr37
    Posted at 09:25h, 07 July Reply


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