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July 20, 2024

Burgin Resigned from ETSB (911) Board –

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On June 20, 2014

Dee Burgin resigned from the Emergency Telephone System Board, “ETSB” or (911 Board) June 11th, 2014. (Click here for copy of resignation letter) 
For over two years we have been demanding an opinion from the State’s Attorney, and he from Attorney General Lisa Madigan, pertaining to what we believe is a conflict of interest considering Burgin, currently a Deputy Sheriff, and the Sheriff sitting on the ETSB (911) Board voting on matters that directly effect the Sheriff’s budget (click here for copy of May 6, 2014 letter).
With no word yet from the State’s Attorney or the Attorney General, who Mr. Isaf defaulted to for an opinion, we are not sure why he finally threw in the towel.  Could it be that this is the first step of ridding this county of the worst form of corruption and evil it has seen in 10 years?
You see Mr. Burgin is guilty of violating a woman’s civil rights (click here) and the County Policy outlines that anyone that does that may be discharged, as in fired. He also still owes Edgar County $100,000 (click here) for the ambulance purchase that will never be recovered.

Who will be the next woman to sue the county for illegal actions by this re-instated Deputy?



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  • former Paris resident
    Posted at 14:00h, 20 June Reply

    It’s a shame what happened to Dee … I knew him well , wasn’t considered a friend but knew him and enjoyed talking to him … He gave up so much for so little … I lived in Paris for 48 years , grew up there and have this sight pinned to my desktop and read daily to keep up … Know the vast majority that are talked about in articles and wish I could say it surprises me but can’t say that anymore … People sell their souls for money … I only cared to have enough to pay my bills and raise my family … I like reading Rory Stiedel’s comments and I know him well and admire him greatly … He’s a fine example of good things that came out of Paris … Motley I don’t know but do know his extended family and he must be a decent guy to be included in such a fine bunch … I did know Crippis and he was a joke … He too I knew for years and at one time thought he was the nicest person … Funny how power and money changes and ruins some people …

  • Victimized by Government
    Posted at 20:14h, 21 June Reply

    Dear Watchdogs,
    It is good to see local officials resign when they become too much of a distraction for the board or committee which is supposed to serve for the benefit of the public, and thanks to Edgar County Watchdog investigative reporting, we are seeing this on a regular basis.
    This is why Mike Marron should also resign from being the chairman of the structural safety committee which evaluates applications for wind farms in Vermilion County. Mike’s parents, Pat and Linda Marron, have multiple wind turbines on their properties and host the construction lay-down area. This financial windfall from taxpayer subsidized wind companies has the appearance of being a self- help situation. I believe that this is a huge conflict of interest for Mike. There have been local citizens here who have asked for Mike Marron to be removed from the structural safety committee. I agree with them. I wonder if Mike will hang around long enough to be the next one who finds himself in the Watchdog “doghouse.”
    “The interest against which the prohibition is leveled is such an interest as prevents it tend to prevent the public official from giving to the public that impartial and faithful service which he is in duty bound to render and which the public has every right to demand and receive……”
    City of Chicago v. Keane (1976) “The faithful performance of official duties is best secured if a governmental officer, like any other person holding a fiduciary position, is not called upon to make decisions that may advance or injure his individual interest.”
    If Mike Marron maintains influence to support/encourage/allow another wind farm to be constructed, he remains vulnerable to be individually responsible for having input on wind farm developments as soon as more people become hurt by low frequency wind turbine noise which causes major sleep deprivation which robs the health of nearby residents. This would NOT be something that would make respectable parents proud. If I was looking ahead toward a promising political career, I would not let wind turbine conflicts be the demise of those aspirations. Dee Burgin should have been out long before now. Why does our apathy let this happen? Mike Marron being as young as he is, still has a long way to go. He should remove himself from a dead-end situation before he becomes the next Dee Burgin.
    MANY of these community leaders are giving up a lot for a poorly conceived trade-off. It is human nature to refuse acceptance of the blame when mistakes are made. Everyone struggles with accepting responsibility for the unintended consequences for their actions. The nature of righting a wrong is hard and takes effort. Laziness and apathy must be overcome to serve the public. The first step to receiving forgiveness is to open the door for forgiveness. Digging in and trying to be the last holdout does serve in the best interest of the public. Just ask the Orland Park Library Board. The pregnant mom is definitely the most motivated one and will easily outlast those OPLB members especially now that her and Kevin DuJan’s momentum is building. When it comes to porn in a public library, to error on the side of caution to put children’s safety first and foremost (instead of protecting the rights of porn viewers) would be the clear cut choice.
    How about the Vermilion County Board (and every other board) begin working in a way which errors on the side of caution instead of being on the razor’s edge of deception/embellishment/lies/obfuscation/mis-truths/avoidance/delay/distraction/ticky-tack response to questions and concerns raised by the good citizens. The board needs to serve in the best interest of the taxpayers, not themselves. And, please quit blaming the wind farm victims for the problems and decisions. The victims did not provide the shovels you are using to dig your political graves. Deciding to overcome your temporary fears now will pay great dividends in your next worldly and unworldly places. Nobody I know has ever regretted finding the courage to stand up for the right thing. Be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. God is watching us. I have been told, “God’s hands are attached to your arms. Do His work!”

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