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April 22, 2024

$232 Million Isn't Enough at College of DuPage –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On June 24, 2014

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –

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College of DuPage (COD) is a community college in Northern Illinois. It’s a spending and taxing machine…  

QUESTION: “Whose home is worth more today than in 2008- at the height of the DuPage County real estate market?”



FACT: Since 2008, College of DuPage hiked property taxes by 59% while home values declined.
QUESTION: “Who believes that a community college president- anywhere in Illinois- should cost taxpayers $500,000 per year?” ANSWER: NONE
FACT: COD President Robert Breuder costs us nearly $500,000 yearly.I asked 50 citizens for their feedback while attending the COD budget meeting during my 3 minute public comment, then I turned to the board:

Freeze Property Taxes, Freeze Student Tuition

Watch my public comment at College of DuPage
May 22, 2014


They’re doing it again at the College of DuPage.  With $232 million in the bank, they are hiking property taxes and raising tuition on the hard working students. 

No kidding, the College of DuPage has $232,000,000 in the bank.  But, it’s not enough. $160 million is “encumbered”-meaning, they are spending it. Left over is $72 million and that’s enough for either free tuition for every student or a full rebate of property taxes. 

COD is cash rich, so I used public comment at the budget meeting to ask them to freeze property taxes and freeze student tuition.  That’s very reasonable… just don’t hike taxes and tuition.
They’re not listening; they are spending.  Under Dr. Breuder’s leadership, since 2009, College of DuPage has spent $550 million on building construction.  That’s more than Notre Dame has spent-and ND is building everywhere in South Bend, Ind.
Stay tuned- the College of DuPage is a statewide story. Soon, you’ll find out why… 


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