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April 18, 2024

Edgar County Scores 5.5 out of 100!…

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On May 11, 2014

To all those that think things are getting better when it comes to our county operations and management, I would say they are, however, we must be honest about what better means.
If we compare the county to itself, yes, it’s getting better…I think!  Compare it to other counties in the state and I would consider it an epic failure when looking at the Illinois Policy Institute On line transparency Audit(Click here to download the audit!)
I don’t want to take anything away from the county officials and employees who truly strive to do right and ensure only the best performance from their efforts.  I thank those hard working dedicated people who get it!
The ones I am talking about are the so called “leaders” in the county who were elected to do a job.  A job that they knew what it paid before they were elected but now get a nice fat pay raise.
What do we get for that pay?  Is it fair to the taxpayers of this county to provide thousands of dollars of benefits to elected officials when the level of service to the taxpayers scores a 5.5 out of 100 from an independent outside agency?  Seriously people, what are we doing in this county?
Now in fairness to the justification mentality that will surely be thrown at this article, Edgar County did out perform 31 other counties.  Sadly there will be some people that rather compare the county performance to the lowest level of performance than comparing it to the best.  When you do it that way it makes them feel good and we all know today’s society is about feelings.
While those that put their head in the sand on this we can see even when comparing our county performance to the state wide average of 18.3, this county is well below the state wide average with a whopping score of 5.5.
Maybe it’s time we start asking the tough questions.

  • What is the 5 year plan to raise the county transparency score?
  • What is the 5 year plan to reduce tax’s?
  • What is the 5 year plan to ensure business growth?

Is it asking to much of our elected officials to take steps to ensure we are a county that is setting the example for other counties?  An example of what to do, not one that is an example of what not to do!
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