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July 21, 2024

The Great Fort Hood Heist of 2014 (RE/MAX Platinum Real Estate)?

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On April 29, 2014

FT. HOOD, TX. (ECWd) – Author: Joshua Lawton

Cattle rustlers aren’t the only thieves in Texas.

You see, I had come to Texas, not because I wanted to, but because my property had been stolen. Since March 2014, my property management company RE/MAX Platinum Real Estate, had failed to pay the rent that they had collected on my property. After multiple attempts to get a response from RE/MAX Platinum Real Estate and after reading recent worrying reviews about their company on Yelp, I decided that I needed to fly down to Texas to fight a battle over business,

 MY business,

                  MY money.

It was only upon arriving in Texas that I realized that I was in the midst of what appeared to be a great heist. I and many other veteran and military families had lost tons of money from a property management company with whom we were doing business.

Now to be honest, I turned out to be one of the lucky ones. You see, I always keep a tight watch on my money and my businesses. I considered my house outside of Ft. Hood to be one of my businesses. Sure it was and still is a small portion of what I do to make money, but I didn’t buy this house because it was beautiful or because I planned on living around Ft. Hood for the rest of my life. I bought it because I’m in the real estate business to make money. 

Never trust a businessman who tells you that he doesn’t care about money.

There are a lot of reasons why veterans are great businessmen and women. It’s not just the integrity and hard work characteristics that the military ingrained in us, it’s also the lessons that we learned in war which businessmen and women try and learn from books like Sun Tzu’s Art of War. While there are many lessons that have stuck with me from both business school and the military, the one lesson that I hold the highest above all others is:

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” ~ Sun Tzu

Patience is the hardest trait to teach and the easiest to forget.

Continue reading (CLICK HERE) this fascinating true story of police, prosecutor, and RE/MAX inaction of what appears to be outright theft on a grand scale.


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