Doug Corbett

Special Guest Rich Porter Discussion On Rev. Jensen.


Today we had a special guest visit our studio, Mr. Rich Porter from Ford County,  so we asked him to appear on camera to discuss Rev. Teddy Jensen, from the failed Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department. This is the bi-county Health Department that will be dissolved as of June 2014 do to an impasse between the Ford County Board, who cruises thru life with blinders on, and the Iroquois County Board who took action to fix the wrongdoings of Douglas Corbett, the former administrator. Each county will stand up its own Public Health Department at that time.

Enjoy the video!



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  1. I think Preacher Jensen should run for Ford County Board. Since ability to lie is a prime qualification for the office he’s a shoe-in. He makes a mockery of the title “preacher.”

  2. I think ol’ preacher man might be more aptly named a “demon deacon”. There is no truth in the old snake and he twists things just like his father the devil.

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