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May 20, 2024

Sheriff Darrel Cox – Records Destruction Update!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On April 22, 2014

ECWd’s – Coles County Sheriff
You may recall previous facts shared on Darrel Cox and his habit of requesting record destruction authorizations. (Click here for previous article).
As always, anytime we fail to report accurate information we always provide an update or correction to set the record straight.  I had previously reported that as Sheriff, Darrel Cox had requested to DESTROY records 4 times in 7 years as the elected Sheriff!


Recently received documents from the Local Records Unit has now established that what was reported to be a single request to destroy records by the Coles County Sheriff was actually 4 separate requests! I apologize for the inaccurate reporting.

(Click on each bullet to view requests)

Looking at the dates it appears a purging was taking place the more we dug into the operations of the Coles County Sheriff who was running for State Representative.  This purging took place just months and in one case, less than a week before the primary!

What do you suppose the urgency was?  

Was it related to the Wrongful death law suit?  Some of those items being purged like daily activity logs and security check reports might have told us key information leading up to the death of an inmate.  Why purge records that were only 2-3 years old?

Was it related to the illegal gun sales?  With administration files being destroyed that were barely a year old it has to raise questions. Is it possible that the so called “missing records” for some of those guns are now truly missing because they have been destroyed?

Yes, I raised some questions without solid evidence to support the implications made.  I did so because with the past practice of the Coles County Sheriff’s office and his deceptive and inaccurate responses to clear wrongdoing I think they are questions that should be answered.

It should bother every citizen in this state to see the volume of record destruction requests coming from this particular office.  This recent enlightenment to the additional request now reflects that Darrel Cox has set a new standard for destroying records while holding office!

In just over 7 years of serving the people he has requested authorization to destroy records 7 times! 

Will the Illinois State Police follow up with an investigation or will this be another example of how Sheriffs are exempt from the law, which was the case in Edgar County with former Sheriff Tim Crippes who was selling guns with filed off serial numbers.  (Click here for Edgar County Fast & Furious article).

Our Republic is failing because we allow wrongdoing to go on with zero accountability!

Enforce the law or get rid of them!



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  • Joe Meins
    Posted at 19:26h, 22 April

    I blame the current political system down here for this. WEAVER AND COMPANY! This is why you cannot trust any political party right or left to do the right thing. They won’t! Period! Power corrupts and absolute power… fill in the blank. You already know the phrase. Remember…the left told us Blago was great…twice…and the right told us Ryan was great…twice! Both went to jail because the political parties covered for them. Individual people must be judged by their actions….and Cox is aptly named! All the people protecting him are nothing more than suckers.

    • Casey
      Posted at 17:59h, 20 June

      The FBI needs to investigate Sheriff Darrell Cox!