Meet Paul Jensen: Lives Next to Invenergy’s Orangeville Wind Turbine Project –

Something to ponder as the storms are rolling in:

We received this in an email: Check these links out-sounds like Orangeville is potentially more screwed up than Vermilion County:
> illegal bid process in Orangeville:
>  http://www.mywnynews.com/arcade_warsaw/opinion/letters_to_editor/article_16d0d574-2c36-11e3-a8da-0019bb2963f4.html
> they actually caught the town board allowing the Invenergy sales rep full access to their office/files/computers, and the board defended it and people were PO’d that Jensen wrote about it:
> http://thedailynewsonline.com/opinion/editorials/article_a5400788-5c1f-11e0-9909-001cc4c03286.html
> Invenergy siting/permitting process bait and switch:
> http://www.resitenow.org/component/content/article/36-articles-and-editorials/116-invenergys-bait-and-switch.html
> he’s the one who reported on the blade break:
> http://www.windaction.org/posts/39089-invenergy-in-new-york-blade-break#.U0i12k1OXIU
> http://quixoteslaststand.com/2013/11/17/today-debris-from-blade-break-in-new-york-flies-past-the-511-foot-safety-zone/
> Invenergy’s Orangeville Wind Farm (formerly known as the Stony Creek Wind project) experienced a catastrophic blade break. The project, which is still under construction includes 58 GE 1.6-100 wind turbines (94 megawatts). The turbines were scheduled for commission  the second week of December 2013. Witnesses at the site told WindAction that blade debris flew past the 511-foot safety zone set by the town. This setback distance was requested by Eric Miller from Invenergy to get more turbines in a smaller area. General Electric said 1.5 times hub height plus rotor diameter or 885’ would be necessary.
> https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2011/08/02/salesmen-still-cant-make-pigs-fly/
> Orangeville/Invenergyville/Vermilion county’s lost twin sister?
> https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2011/04/14/orangeville-the-new-invenergyville/
> https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2011/09/19/bait-and-switch-in-orangeville-ii/
> Invenergy lost a lawsuit filed by a man who had a cabin near where they wanted to site one of the Orangeville turbines, when all else failed, Invenergy tried to argue that the cabin was not a dwelling and set backs shouldn’t apply
> http://thedailynewsonline.com/news/article_f5933ab4-3c18-11e1-93a7-0019bb2963f4.html


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  1. what an irresponsible image. this group should be ashamed of presenting fictitious picture of burning turbines. is that what opponents of wind projects need to resort to: terrifying residents with fake photos?

  2. Wow- what a bunch of conspiracy theory junkies- I had to laugh when I saw the Photoshopped picture of all the burning wind turbines- who would even think that multiple burning turbines is possible? And does anyone own a car that NEVER has any mechanical issues? And does anyone own a home that NEVER has occasional problems with electrical or plumbing or whatever? Whoever is posting all this CRAP about wind turbine failure should realize that there is less than a 1 in 100,000 chance of ANY failure on wind turbines- to hear you people talk it looks like EVERY wind turbine is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Well, at least I got my laugh for the day reading these idiotic comments. But I just wasted 5 minutes of my time typing this and I expect that it will never be posted because the person(s) hosting this web site will never let the truth be known.

    • “Reno”, I don’t mind posting comments that I may not agree with (I do it all the time), I just wish you would tell people you are in the “advanced alternative energy business” when you post your comments calling others conspiracy theory junkies.

        • I never said it offended me, just that people should know you have a “dog in the fight” in your defending of the wind industry.

      • i’m not in the “advanced alternative energy business” and the presentation of this fake photo says lots about how low anti-wind people will stoop to terrify the public.

        you should be ashamed of yourselves. frankly, we need professionals to participated. they can provide real information about the industry, because lord knows there are plenty amateurs – opposing wind – presenting misleading, fearmongering and erroneous information.

        • I guess you didn’t see the words “Composite of actual wind turbine fires” beneath the picture? The turbine fires were real fires, just put into one picture.

  3. What’s that saying about the smell of napalm in the morning? Fitting since these turbines are really a war on American Citizens. How? Because the money for these is stolen from tax payers and given to over seas companies. And remember your neighbors who took the bribes to put these up. They are truly pigs eating out your sustenance and helping to destroy America by going along with Obama’s scheme.

    Remember, Obama said he would make electric rates skyrocket? Look it up if you don’t believe it, and you’ll see it on youtube. In fact…why doesn’t this site post that video link on every story they run on these wind farms? Do you think the farmer gives a damn this blade went beyond the set back? Ha!

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