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June 25, 2024

Farmers in Illinois unite to tell the truth about BigWind…

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On April 13, 2014

This is exactly what is needed; people speaking the TRUTH about this industry. You will not hear it from the developers! As wind energy spreads across our great nation, these groups will continue to grow and individuals will begin speaking out, but it does take time. Let us hope it doesn’t take too long, though, as they are spreading quickly like the plague!…
The Informed Farmers Coalition IFC, a group of Lee, Bureau and Whiteside county landowners and citizens, is working to spread awareness about wind turbine project development and the adverse effects it may have on these communities. The group is hoping to raise awareness about the Green River and Walnut Ridge turbine projects owned by Geronimo Energy. Geronimo is currently contacting area farmers to sign new contracts with the company. IFC wants to make sure all area farmers understand the facts concerning wind farm development.
“The Informed Farmers have spent the last three years attempting to educate local citizens on the problems and challenges associated with Wind Turbine Developments. In that time more and more information has become available and the public has become more informed. However, turbine developers continue to mislead the public about problems that continue to exist with wind development. That fact, in addition to a renewed effort to reach new landowners by a subsequent buyer of two local projects, causes us to renew our efforts to make sure the citizens of our local community are informed,” said Kendall Guither, IFC spokesperson.
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  • jannie
    Posted at 10:49h, 13 April Reply

    Like some in the complete article – I really didn’t have an opinoin about “wind”. In 2008 when Industrial Wind Projects were being proposed for several counties in my area – I just thought OK, – The Newspaper headline was “Wind Farms”.. Then there was talk in 2010 of wind ordinances in my county and someone saying do you know anything about this, “no not really” – newspaper said windmill/farm, ok. I started to look on the internet — I found AWEA sites where everything is fine, but they complained about NIMBY people complaining – so.. Now I’m wondering who are these people and what is the complaints.. and I better read more and dig further — and found these industrial machines are not “windmills” of the 1950’s that the wind company depict and not “farming related”, but industrial machines that kill bat/birds/eagles and have caused people to abandon their homes because of noise issues. These are inefficient machines, that have somehow captured the hearts of polititians who are either too busy or too lazy to actually research independently the facts and just want to listen to what the smooth talking wind lobbyist tells them.
    Conservation efforts would save as much “carbon” as these wind turbines that use tons of cement for their base — but conservation efforts doesn’t make some company rich!

    • Max Wahlberger
      Posted at 17:35h, 13 April Reply

      Jannie…at least you did your homework and educated yourself. That’s the difference between you and 90 percent of the “crowd” who go along with this stuff. You say “somehow” captured the hearts of politicians. This is about huge money to political donors on the federal level, and its about bribery in terms of a pittance paid to local taxing bodies and the owners of the land. These machines don’t work on our modern grid. They are costing us a fortune in tax grants and “free” money to the big companies who are STEALING THIS MONEY directly from every tax payer. Next time you see one of these in your local farmer’s yard…remember that farmer is STEALING money too…from every tax payer. Your friendly farmer has his hand in your family’s bank account. I attended a meeting of these so called farmers talking about how to bring in a wind farm…you know what the leaders said–“I hope electric rates go up…we’ll make a lot more money!” That’s right…pure greed from the so-called stewards of the land…..

      • caseih 2388
        Posted at 15:47h, 14 April Reply

        There are a huge number of farmers who strongly oppose the wind farms because they have done their research and are aware of the great damage their construction does to the land, especially the vast underground drainage network. They also know the real score concerning their poor efficiency and waste of taxpayers’ money, not to mention the inevitable increase in electricity prices. But there are the greedy ones and the absentee landowners who don’t have a clue.

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