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April 22, 2024

Cox' Campaign Chairman Confirms Over Budget Status! –

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 16, 2014

ECWd’s- 110th State Representative Race
I find it absolutely amazing that 35 hours before voting begins, the Chairman for Darrel Cox’s campaign, Mike Weaver, has responded to my email about the over budget issue and his words do nothing but dig their hole deeper.
His response to that email can be seen here.

My reply:

Mr. Weaver, we ran basically the very information that was in that flyer WEEKS before it ever came out and not a single person disputed our numbers.

An attempt is now being made to explain the over budget matter which has nothing to do with the flyer or our original article, which proved what Darrel Cox claimed was in fact not true.  In fact, even if the over budget for the veterans pay is overlooked, that budget was still over.

Sadly, you now attempt to imply that Mr. Phillips doesn’t support veterans which is shameful.  Shameful because until a defense was put forward on this matter, NO ONE had any idea why the budget was over.  The whole point with our article was it was over that year and several other years.  To imply that he doesn’t support veterans shows how little you know because he has pledged  a significant portion of his state pay, if elected, to be donated to local disabled veteran programs! 

Taking out the veterans pay, the very budget you are attempting to defend was still over budget.  That was the point of our original article.  It was about telling the truth on the campaign trail and Darrel Cox did not!  Had he simply said he was over budget and here is why no one would have had any reason to talk about this matter but instead he held himself out to have accomplished something that was 100% not true.

The shame lies with Mr. Cox and his campaign team as well as you.  As a veteran, I take offense at the use of a veteran issue in an effort to build up your candidate.  That sir is shameful!

In regards to your communication by voice mail on November 13, 2013, regarding the Hatch Act and requesting us to look into that because you felt Reggie Phillips was violating federal law, we did in fact look into that as you requested and your assertions were not accurate with federal law and there was no violation taking place so we never ran an article on the matter.  

 We welcome any and all tips on all the candidates and will always ensure only the truth is published! 


Kirk Allen

Edgar County Watchdogs


Did you catch that key word in his email response?


“If you maintain that the expense was in the sheriff’s budget, you are correct since it dealt with moneys spent on the department, my contention is that the money was primarily for the unplanned expenses of deputies who were called to National Guard Duty overseas…”

To keep it simple, we were correct!  The budget was over just as we claimed and just as the flyer claimed several weeks after our article.  That fact is easily seen by the confirmation of what the over budget was “primarily” used for.

I appreciate the Campaign Chairman confirming that most (different word for primarily) of the over budget was for a specific purpose.  That acknowledgement clearly confirms that there was other over budget expenditures, which was the whole point of our original article.

Darrel Cox did not tell the truth in his flyer and other campaigning materials and the facts prove it, as well as his own Campaign Chairman’s response!



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1 Comment
  • Time to Step Aside
    Posted at 20:35h, 18 March

    Mike Weaver IS the republican party in Coles County. Wonder where the republican party really stands re Darrell and Reggie? Any guesses? At this time, looks like Darrell is stepping on Reggie on the republican ticket. See my point? I voted for Mike at least twice for state rep. when he ran against ? Carolyn Brown Hodge ?. I believe he’s a veteran and I know nothing negative of him. His son is the Coles republican party chairman. Again, nothing bad to say about him. It’s a free world, but it’s time for Mike to give it a break and get out of political insider role. Political insiders make me nervous; they should make everyone nervous – in any political party. Seems like a Weaver dynasty and family political dynasties in general are a threat to a free and open political process. Perhaps a free and open political process is a naive ideology. I hope you get my point.