Turbine In Flames (VIDEO) – Benton Co., IN. –

BENTON Co., IN. (ECWd) –

Feb. 21, 2014 – From WLFI, Channel 18:

A wind turbine in Fowler catches fire in Benton County Friday morning. Witnesses report seeing the turbine shooting flames and sparks from its motor.

The turbine is just off U.S. 52 and County Road 100 South in Benton County. At 6:30 a.m., the Fowler Fire Department dispatched a crew to create a perimeter around the tower.

BP Wind Energy owns the turbine. Fowler Fire Chief Bill Burton said BP told him, whenever this happens, crews should secure the area and not attempt to put the fire out. He said this is something crews are prepared for, but never thought they would see.

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  1. Does everyone realize our tax dollars are subsidizing these turbines. Also sending grant money to schools to train students to work at these sites.

  2. Does anyone know for sure how far the burning bits went from the tower? Can anyone confirm this was a Clipper 2.5 MW turbine? Thanks.

  3. They should all burn, the tax grubbing, worthless, toxic metal and oil filled, avian slaughtering machines. But, how do I really feel?

  4. If that were to happen in the fall surrounded by a mature corn field with the winds we are having today, it could be disastrous. I’ve fought corn field fires in high winds, and a firefighter could very well be killed in those conditions.

  5. these turbines are so totally dangerous, its not even funny.
    When firefighters go there, they can do nothing except watch it burn, so there’s no saving the turbine, it’s TOAST!
    The only thing they can do is mow down crops to contain the damage to fields.
    Imagine this is during the fall in the middle of a corn field!!!!!!!
    These things should NOT be within 1200′ of a house.
    The Hartke’s had to abandon their home because of noise……and the closest turbines are 1655′ and 2225′ from their house.
    Take a county-wide vote:
    Now that we know about noise, blade breaks, and fires, how close do you want to live next to a wind turbine?
    A.) 1200′
    B.) 2400′
    C.) 4800′
    D.) 9600′
    Let the public tell us……not wind energy developers!

  6. Hurray – another one bites the dust.

    I couldn’t help but wondering last night as these high winds rattled my windows

    How much stress damage these high winds are causing and how long before

    it starts causing blades to fly off. No matter how you pitch

    Them into the wind, there was no telling which way it was swirling and coming

    From in the last two days.

  7. much rejoicing as long as no one gets hurt
    but the reality is until someone gets hurt
    the mantra will be
    so therefore turbines are safe!