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April 23, 2024

Vermilion County: More Conflicts? –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On January 30, 2014

There is a steady flow of information coming from Vermilion County and it all points to conflicts (either actual or perceived) of certain county board members that either refuse to acknowledge it or just don’t care. The below letter, was printed in the News-Gazette on January 26, 2014, is just one more example of the inner workings of this county board. Other items we have reported on include, 1) no-bid contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and, 2) back-door deals to “fix” the sewage system at the nursing home, and, 3) board members having alleged conflicts of interest when it comes to any wind farm discussions, and, 4) board member filing false police report as an intimidation tactic with the assistant stat’s attorney assisting him, and, 5) standing as a roadblock to attempts by citizens to be heard re: wind turbines, and even giving the impression of collusion with Invenergy to sweep it under the rug. .
Here is one more to add to the every growing list (read below): County Board Member gets his mother appointed to the Vermilion County 708 Board.
My name is Kathy Vines and, until last month, I was on the Vermilion County 708 Mental Health Board. I had been serving as a board member for over six years and as the chair for over a year and a half.
My application for reappointment has been on file since October and though my term expired in December, no one has been appointed to that seat.
The history of appointments to the 708 board since April 2013 has included:
1. NOT reappointing a member at the end of her first term,and,
2. NOT appointing two people who had attended several meetings while awaiting their expected appointments, and,
3. Appointing three new board members and a new liaison to the county board, including a member of the vice chair’s family.
Please keep in mind that the 708 board has historically had difficulty maintaining a full roster. There has been no waiting list of prospective appointees anxious. This is a volunteer board for which board members receive no compensation.
My point is not to advocate for my reappointment but to open the eyes of the public to what I fear is a slippery slope of county board appointments on the basis of a hidden agenda and the repercussions this could have on services for the most vulnerable citizens in Vermilion County.
Please address questions about appointments to your county board members.


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