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April 18, 2024

Vermilion a mess….Boone has a chance…

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On January 13, 2014

Dear friends,
“Steve Ambrose prediction”:  2014 will bring huge changes to the wind energy industry…..the word is getting out about the misinformation which has tricked average citizens for so long….the dam is leaking and a flood of bad news “getting out there” just might break things wide open about the bad issues caused by wind turbines including the terrible noise which causes sleep deprivation.


Read all of the messages which debunk the Wall Street Journal article:


People nation wide are having problems with their new “neighbor’s worst nightmare:  Wind turbine.”


Edgar County Watchdogs are spreading the message about InvEnergy…..InvEnergy can’t even handle calling in “Notice to Airmen” when the power went out for several hours after a storm.  When the power goes out, wind turbine warning lights do not blink.  This is SERIOUS business, and the fine for not lighting towers is $1000 for EACH OFFENSE since this could allow an airplane to crash into these 495′ tall towers.  Easy math here:  104 turbines in Vermilion County, zero turbines had red lights flashing back in November, so I calculate InvEnergy owes my county $104,000.  That is really good since we just spent $637,500 on an illegal “no bid” contract with Bruce Harris and Associates for GIS services AND raised our property taxes. I don’t expect the county board to act on it though.


Edgar County Watchdogs also WATCHING what happens in Boone County on Wednesday:


Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association has an upcoming conference…..Carolyn Gerwin (an attorney) is going to teach land surveyors about something called, “Wind Turbine Setbacks”.  Many surveyors will be surprised that wind turbine setbacks are based on distances from houses.  Land surveyors would probably think it would make more sense if these setbacks were based on property lines, since that is where zoning regulations have always been based upon:
A group in Kentucky is starting to get smart about upcoming wind farm trying to move into their neighborhood:
go to Facebook……search “Citizens Voice of Mason County”


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