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April 15, 2024

Illinois Family Forced to Move Due to California Ridge Wind Turbines…

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On January 30, 2014

WGN Farming America radio interviewed Ted Hartke on the problems with wind turbines, especially the ones at the California Ridge Wind Farm in northern Vermilion County Illinois. The farm is operated by Invenergy. Ted and his family were forced to move from their home due to the noises and other issues generated by the turbines. The Vermilion County Board has stood as an obstacle at every turn when this family sought help.
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Read other articles on Vermilion County, Invenergy, and the California Ridge project (here).

Home abandoned due to turbine noise.

Home abandoned due to turbine noise.



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  • holyspin batman
    Posted at 23:34h, 30 January

    I’m glad to see someone speaking up in Vermco besides the Cambrons. But this is the guy who took money from wind and believed their lies before he didn’t believe the lies after the lies personally affected him right? The wind company/farm surveyor? And the Cambrons who were published in the paper warning people were not listened to until AFTER the turbines are up. Lots of questions. I’m sure the problems are very real, don’t get me wrong. I just wonder why no one….not really anyone …but the Cambrons over there were willing to at least speak up ahead of disaster. Quite frankly you reap what you sow. Cambrons stuck out their neck and took lots of guff for it Now all of a sudden what they said would happen is happening …and we’re all supposed to cry for this poor guy? Just remember who sold you out. Your lying county board members….your so-called neighbor farmers who don’t care a hoot about you in reality, and your own willingness to believe total strangers and hucksters, over your own neighbors who really had nothing to gain by speaking up. Strange world we live in these days.

  • Saveour Skylineohio
    Posted at 15:37h, 31 January

    Bravo for publishing this information. There are so many stories like these, but too few people willing or able (good neighbor agreements) to speak the truth. The public needs to hear this because the traditional media is usually biased in favor of “green” energy.

  • snowball
    Posted at 08:06h, 01 February

    if you visit wind victims ontario dot com you will find the same comments over and over. Painful testimony of harm, frustration at lack of help and home abandonment. There is no protection for children in rural areas, no protection for our senior citizens, no protection for livestock and pets in wind projects. All of the rules everyone else is protected by fall away. It is a disgraceful situation with greedy corporations and investors calling the shots. Every protection agency has been silenced and protective legislation has been superseded. Protection bureaus and public health will not perform their duties, including physicians whose code is “first do no harm”. The precautionary principle has been tossed out the window to allow the harm to continue.
    There are some heros in the background with strong ethics and morals, independent researchers, physicians, engineers, acousticians, lawyers etc who are bringing the truth forward but the government still tries to deny.
    We should all be very worried about the power these corporations have over our government. This is not the freedom and democracy our mothers, fathers and grandparents fought for.
    Please do not become complacent. People are being physically harmed to the point of abandoning their homes.
    Please pressure your representatives in all departments and at all level of government to STOP THE HARM!

  • ThunderCloud
    Posted at 14:49h, 02 February

    Although the Cambron’s submitted hundreds if not thousands of documents to the Vermilion county board about the negative issues with industrial wind turbines, the Vermilion county board decided to believe the wind industry propaganda. This information was given to the county over a year before the first turbine was constructed. The industry approach coming into a community is well funded and organized. Many are fooled and most still believe their lies. But as more people in the state and country are forced to live with these intrusions into their families lives, they are beginning to get the truth out. Hartke should be commended for using his voice to teach others the lesson. More people need to stand up for their rights. The wind industry is aware of the problems. You see this in the standard contracts that do not allow the land owners to speak about issues such as noise, shadow flicker, property value losses and any other issue that may detract from the propagation of the wind industry. Thank you Ted Hartke and family for speaking out when other cannot.

  • Suz
    Posted at 17:10h, 03 February

    Sorry, no sympathy from me. That’s the rub of agricultural zoning. You don’t like it? Move in town where you’ll be protected with ordinances and have a voice at townhall meetings. Ask anyone in the country unlucky enough to have a hog farm built next to them how they like the “fresh air”. Agricultural zoning pretty much means anything goes. People move out to the country so they can’t be “told what they can do with their yard” but guess what? That means other people can’t be either.

    • Norm S.
      Posted at 13:15h, 08 December

      Hog farmers can’t move into a city and start an operation there. There are certain noises and smells and sounds that are expected and allowed in farming communities –likewise in cities. Wind turbines are industrial spinning 500 foot plus machines that are not welcome in rural areas.
      The rural AMBIENT sound level in most rural areas is 25 to 35 dba. Every ten decibel increase in sound level is a perceived doubling of sound. The decibel level in urban areas is closer to 45 to 55 dba. 55 dba can be 8 times louder than a rural setting. THAT is unacceptable. Just as Mr. Hartke said, he thought he would get used to it, but the infrasound, the sound that you CANNOT hear, actually is the culprit in most rural communities.

  • Person
    Posted at 06:57h, 15 July

    MODERATOR DELETED THIS COMMENT. We do not permit that language on this website, and, additionally, everything you said was false.