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June 13, 2024

Honorable – Ask the Tough Questions!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On January 18, 2014


We attended the Wabash Valley (IL) Tea Party Patriot candidate forum who hosted an evening of questions for candidates for numerous public offices.

The introduction that kicked off the evening was spot on as it relates to what We the People must do.

“We have the responsibility to elect Honorable representative to protect our rights and our constitution. When those representatives are less than honorable and don’t protect our rights, we also have a responsibility to replace them. In order to fulfill that responsibility we must be knowledgeable about the candidates.”

Let’s start with ‘Honorable Representatives’ as it relates to the 110th State Representative race. Three candidates, six questions, and the goal was to gain knowledge about the candidates.  The first key to have knowledge about any candidate is to ask the tough questions relating to the person specifically.  That is what defines if a person is Honorable.

I think most would agree all the political “ideas” of solving problems and what that person would or would not do if elected have little to do with getting to know if a candidate is Honorable.

Let’s ask those tough questions:

  • Have you ever been convicted of a crime and if so, what crime?
  • Have you ever lied under oath?
  • Have you ever violated a woman, sexually or otherwise?
  • Have you ever hit your spouse?
  • Have you violated state law while serving in public office?
  • Have you ever eavesdropped on a person, which is illegal?
  • Have you ever had a restraining order or order of protection against you?
  • Have you ever filed bankruptcy and if so, how many times?
  • Should public officials who violate prohibited acts be prosecuted?
  • Have you ever served in the military and will you make your DD214 public?

Many will say those questions are personal and have nothing to do with running for office. Those are the same people that helped our current President get into office!  Education is the key and will always be the key to fixing what is broke.
In order to determine if a person is Honorable we MUST ask those very personal questions and they should be asked before we ever get to the point of asking what they would do in office.  These tough questions lay the foundation for all future communication with these people and its a means of determining if they are worthy of our vote.
When we prove that 2 of the 3 candidates in this race have in fact done many of the things we referenced in our questions, and we will prove it because we have the records, are you going to be part of the solution and stand up by fighting on behalf of the honorable candidate or are you part of the problem and fighting for less than honorable people?  If it’s the latter, does that not raise question about your own honor?
For me it’s simple, I don’t do any business with dishonorable people, PERIOD!  The power of association is a two edge sword and those who support and defend dishonorable people are putting their own honor on the table to be questioned.  Do you do business with a person who gropes a colleague’s breasts?  If you do, your honor is harmed.

What is Honorable?

  • Honest – Tells the truth all the time, not just under oath.
  • Moral – Respects a woman and her right not to be groped or hit.
  • Ethical – Does the right thing when no one is watching.
  • Principled – His actions speak louder than words.
  • Righteous – Stands up for what is right and acts on it.
  • Right Minded – Knows what is right vs wrong.

Stay tuned for earth shattering facts to be exposed that prove 2 of the 3 candidates in this race have absolutely failed when it comes to the subject of Honorable as defined by most every dictionary in the land.



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