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June 25, 2024

The Wheels of Government turn Slow

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On December 3, 2013


It was the first week in February when one of many whistle blowers contacted us regarding the Ford Iroquois Public Health Department.  Interesting with the many tips we got in this case, is the fact that each and everyone turned out to be spot on.

Of particular interest was the report of abusive behavior by what was the #2 at the FIPHD, Cary Hagen.  Particularity interesting because that is a tough one to get facts on other than peoples comments, which although may be credible, it doesn’t meet the standard we operate under in having hard evidence other than an oral comment.

It didn’t take long for us to realize we can accept the oral comment as hard evidence, as the oral comments spewed out of the mouth of Cary Hagen in a fashion we have never witnessed from a public employee.   We covered her public outburst in this article.

As you can see in the video in that article this woman had no place in public service, let alone being a Human Resource person.  Just this one outbreak violates numerous basic principals of confidentiality pertaining to wrong doing and is amazing that this woman has no problem blaming others yet her own actions support termination.

“Implements governing body directives and organizational policies and procedures“!

That is what her resume reflected and I am going to make a prediction that when the forensic audit comes back, at a minimum, just like we have said from day one, these people have not followed pretty much any of the policies and prodcedures and that is why they ended up with the mess they had.

“Had” because a new day is upon us!  With what many refer to as the three stooges, Corbett, Hagen, Clark, we can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel and its not a freight train because two are gone and the third on her way out shortly! They all resigned from public employment.

I received the Resignation letter from Cary Hagen and on one hand I say it’s about time, and on the other I say she should be fired and never given a chance to resign.  Apparently the new Administrator is able to see through all the “BS” and selected a qualified #2 person and it wasn’t Cary!  Her resignation was submitted within a day or two from her not being selected for the position.

Good riddance to Cary Hagen as your departure may well be the best Christmas present the good employees of the FIPHD have ever received!

What does blow my mind is the fact that there is NO ROOM for doubt on these stooges inability to perform their job, and in some cases violate the law at the criminal level, yet there has never been any charges filed against them.

Maybe that time will come when the inappropriate use of Federal Flood Money finally gets looked at by real legal authorities, or IDPH grants audited forensically for the fraud proven with them and confirmed with the State’s Attorney.

You see, the wheels of justice turn slow and more often than not people forget and move on losing what little faith we have in our system of government because basically they get away with their crap.  It’s been just shy of a year since we started digging and it’s mind blowing to see what was uncovered.

I want everyone in Iroquois County and Ford County to know this.  I won’t forget and I won’t stop screaming for accountability with each and every law enforcement agency I can think of until justice is served.

Many thanks to the dozens of great citizens who were right there with us fighting this fight and making a difference.  Rest assured your involvement matters and I urge you to get your neighbor involved and ensure your government works!

I would like to make a special thanks to the Iroquois County Chairman, Rod Copas.  Throughout this process many people slung unfounded accusations at him when we got involved.  It was sad to see because he has been one of the few elected officials who actually strives to do what the law says and does so with no gain for himself.  Most have no clue of the personal time and money it takes to do what Mr. Copas did.  He truly cared about fixing things and ensuring the taxpayer’s money was protected and used legally.  Iroquois County should be proud to have a Chairman of this quality!

Good People need to stand up and be counted!

Take back what is yours!


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  • Jim Chambers
    Posted at 23:34h, 10 December Reply

    Well the loud mouth is leaving the office! What a breath of fresh air for all concerned. I wonder if her family connections will land her a comfy job soon. Oh, but wait, Ford County will probably want to hire her for their new health department. Since they can’t seem to figure anything out down there, she’ll have the county board chairman eating out of her hand. Oh, but wait, was that already happening? Hmmm.. that darn rumor mill is still crankin’.

    In other comments, thanks to the Watch Dogs for their excellent work up here. And thanks to Mr. Copas for listening and being proactive. So unlike the recalcitrant bumps on logs down in windmill ville…er..I mean Ford County. I’ve never seen such a sad-sack, rag-tag bunch of losers as they’ve got on that board. About as much cunning as rattle snakes….and less charming.

  • Judy Pufahl
    Posted at 21:16h, 21 December Reply

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  • Jim Hurt
    Posted at 21:16h, 21 December Reply

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  • Older&Wiser
    Posted at 19:53h, 18 March Reply

    Thanks for your perseverence in this. I too await the day when the 3 aforementioned criminals are charged with their crimes.

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