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April 23, 2024

$10,000 Reward Offered for Edgar County Airport Arson –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On December 20, 2013


 $10,000 REWARD


A reward is being offered of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00) for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of any person or persons in any way involved in the destruction and damage by fire of two Cessna 421 aircraft, federal registration numbers N25MA and N106PT on November 18, 2013 at approximately 10:00 p.m. at the  Edgar County Airport, Paris, Illinois.

Any information should be directed to: Illinois State Police Zone 5 Investigations 217-278-5004




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  • Steve
    Posted at 06:48h, 12 December

    What’s the deal with the graffiti on the aircraft?

  • Michael Mastin
    Posted at 08:25h, 12 December

    Who is paying the reward? Taxpayers?

  • Edgar County Watchdogs
    Posted at 08:31h, 12 December

    Insurance company

  • Allen Moore
    Posted at 09:23h, 12 December

    I bet nothing comes of any of this. It will blow over and be forgotten just like the double murder up in Edgar. The saying goes if you want to kill and get away with it go to Paris Illinois. If you get caught the officials are corrupt enough to be bought off! That’s some truth for you for the day!

  • DOUG
    Posted at 15:16h, 14 December

    ADMIN Says: “Sorry Doug, this is the first time I have redacted entire comments and it is not because of anything you have said. I did it because the reward notice changed and this was no longer a relevent comment.” Thanks for your input and you are welcome to post again in the future!

    • franklin
      Posted at 21:34h, 14 December

      doug what did you say please post on paris topix

      • jmkraft
        Posted at 22:24h, 14 December

        He just made a comment on the investigator and where he was from, but apparently he wasn’t actually he investigator since the reward notice changed to reflect that. He can post it again on here if he feels like posting it again.

  • Jeremy Kyle Branson
    Posted at 21:16h, 21 December

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  • Chad Tripp Nichols
    Posted at 21:16h, 21 December

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  • David Brush
    Posted at 21:16h, 21 December

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  • Holly Morgan
    Posted at 21:16h, 21 December

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  • Christina Shaw
    Posted at 21:16h, 21 December

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  • Lance E Patchett
    Posted at 21:16h, 21 December

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  • Sandy Richey Wells
    Posted at 21:16h, 21 December

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  • Donna Stiff
    Posted at 21:16h, 21 December

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  • Blake Stiff
    Posted at 21:16h, 21 December

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