Edgar Co. Airport – Free Storage Again…


Early in the morning on October 29, 2013, I was driving past the airport road and decided to see if there were still items stored in the “Ag” buildings without any rent being paid. You might remember these articles: 1, 2, 3.

To my surprise (sarcasm there), there were still items stored in the unrented buildings, and trailers park out behind one of them. Kind of makes a person wonder what is so special about these buildings that they cannot seem to pull a rental contract out from where the sun don’t shine and get someone to sign it – or if that fails, keep the buildings empty.

Could it be that once a lease contract is signed, the leaseholder is responsible for property taxes on the buildings? Yes, that is true! So now I wonder if I could make a case for property tax evasion by the airport board, the county board, and the person storing items in the buildings…

It’s not like the entire county board, airport board, and airport manager don’t know stuff is being stored there, I’ve been telling them for over nine months – they have chosen to ignore it, costing the taxpayers (me and you) money every single month in lost revenue from rent.

See for yourself, the pictures are below:



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  1. I’d check with Larry and Matt Moss, then ask Mary Lou Wright who live right across the road. All that hay tells me it someone close with livestock. Moss has horses and cattle? Planters, grain drills, balers?, someone who has to much equipment and no where to store it on their own farm. Who farms the ground around the airport. Maybe this is the reason they feel they are entitled. Just my thoughts, where to start. Rent must be paid, we pay rent on grain bins, or outbuildings that belong to farmers that don’t use them theirselves, these ag buildings belong to us the citizens of the county. If you want to use them then you should be required to pay. Come on Jimmy, get off your lazy butt and get those leases signed, it’s money that belongs to the county. Hey maybe we can pull an Adonna, and remove items. Haha When the next election comes around get rid of those who won’t stand up to the power hungry butt holes who do what they want to at the airport and the ones on the county board that let them get away with it.

  2. Why in the world doesn’t the local newspaper post an article about this BS and get to the bottom of it! Is the “news” dead in this country and investigative reporting dead in the name of lost advertising! Good grief come on people. Demand some answers!

  3. Has anyone inquired as to who is the owner of the stuff being stored in this “public property”? Can the City Council do nothing or the County to intervene in this matter?

    • THe city can’t do anything 0 it is not their property.
      The county CAN do something about it, but refuse to act.