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May 22, 2024

CNSI Owner Threatens to Kill Whistle-blower?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On October 31, 2013


As our regular readers are aware, we have been exposing the twisted involvement of a Maryland based company with Illinois through a crafted scheme of using an intergovernmental agreement with the state of Michigan as it relates to the MMIS upgrade that will handle the Medicaid/Medicare Information for the two states.

From clear misrepresentations posted by their attorney on one of my first articles on the subject to criminal investigations in Louisiana, its clear CNSI has some serious issues to deal with! My dedicated response to that attorney appears to have shut them down pretty quick as not a word has been typed to refute the facts I presented!

From Louisiana, “The state attorney general is using FBI documents, which report CNSI owners threatening to kill a witness in another case, as part of the state’s effort to postpone a lawsuit challenging the Jindal administration’s firing of the company that held Louisiana’s largest private contract.”

“Assistant Attorney General David Caldwell, who heads the office’s public corruption and special prosecutions unit, said the FBI case is closed but the information developed in it is relevant.” “It doesn’t mean they are innocent,” said Caldwell.

“According to the FBI report in this court’s possession, one of CNSI’s owners, in front of the other three owners, said if the employee ‘ever disclosed the misconduct at the company they would have him killed.”

“We are saying if you want to air all this dirty laundry, here you go. There are threats to kill witnesses,” Caldwell said. “The onus is on them.”

Those are just a few of the scathing comments regarding this company found in the Advocate story that just published here.

I can assure you we are still organizing the massive amount of whistle blower information on the Illinois scandal with this company and Michigan and I assure you that it is not going to be pretty when its all said and done! The flow of information that is streaming in from sources all over the country is overwhelming yet encouraging because there are good people that have had enough and are willing to speak out to people like us who are not afraid to expose the truth, as the Truth has no Agenda!

In Illinois, Julie Hamos, director of HFS is now facing a law suit for FOIA violations in what has been an ongoing manipulation of the FOIA law as we have attempted to gather documents directly related to CNSI and the close working relationships established with top HFS executives like Stephen Depooter, CIO.

One HFS program that was suppose to be ready to go live in May of this year, according to sources tied to project manager Wyona Johnson, appears to have just as many problems as the Obama Health web site.

Its clear the Illinois officials are working overtime to suppress information and mislead the public but rest assured the Watchdogs have latched on to this bone and fully intend on chewing on it for some time, as its a big one!

With almost a year of work on this scandal it appears each and every week more information flows in that is proving over and over the accuracy of our investigation and reporting.   One of the most comprehensive reports on how ugly this whole mess really is and the level of deception people will go to can be found at this link with For The Good of Illinois.

Stay tuned for updates as we put them together!


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