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May 22, 2024

Airport Lies and Deception – Patrick thinks it’s Funny

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On October 10, 2013

Edgar Co. – ECWd’s

Of all the meetings I have ever attended, I have to say the events of Tuesday night’s meeting may well be the most disgusting chain of events I have ever witnessed.

When I questioned Ms. Bennett about her removing of Rusty Bogue’s plaques and certificates from the Airport, it became clear that lies and deception were going to be the course of action for yet another Airport Meeting.

It’s clear actions taken by Addonna Bennett, the Airport Advisory board Chairman, were done without any foundational support other than claiming Karl Farnham told her to do it, which proved out to be a lie, as suspected.

She attempted to claim that the Grant Assurance guidelines was the reason they had to be removed, yet there is not any such issue outlined in the Grant Assurances that would support that lie.

When Mr. Wells was questioned about using public funds for personal expenditures, his response was “NO COMMENT”!

When he was questioned about altering public records, which constitutes forgery, again his response was “NO COMMENT”!

We are still awaiting the outcome of the criminal complaint filed on the forgery, and it’s our understanding it has been in the hands of the State’s Attorney for some time and still no action.

The most despicable part of the whole meeting were the actions by former Airport Board Chairman and Former County Board Chairman, Chris Patrick. 

At a time when the family of Rusty Bogue are painfully awaiting outcomes of investigations and still grieving the loss of a great man, Patrick felt it appropriate to call a family member a liar and even laugh during their presentation.

I have never in my life witnessed anything so disgusting and disrespectful as the actions by Patrick and his wolf pack.

Forgive the audio with the text message tones that go off several times, but please listen and learn what type of people are running this county into the ground and ask yourself why.

It must stop, and we thank each and every citizen that is stepping up to hold the scum in this county accountable for their actions!

Prepare yourself for the audio as it will infuriate you!

You might have to download it to hear it:

Our Prayers go out to the Bogue Family!



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  • joseph
    Posted at 11:58h, 10 October

    can’t play it

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 21:01h, 10 October

      Fixed it.

  • Sandy Richey Wells
    Posted at 12:17h, 10 October

    Sandy Richey Wells liked this on Facebook.

  • Michael Mastin
    Posted at 12:47h, 10 October

    No audio Mr. Allen.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 21:00h, 10 October

      Fixed it.

  • Susie Allred
    Posted at 13:02h, 10 October

    Susie Allred liked this on Facebook.

  • old
    Posted at 16:18h, 10 October

    I think this behavior of the board needs to published in the paper for all to see along with the verbal statement addressing the board. Do not leave this just on WD. The whole county needs to be aware of the crase behavior of all of the board plus Mr. (I don’t care about anyone but me) Isaf. What is it going to take to let these people know this is not acceptable. Shame on all of them for treating this family with so much disregard. Maybe Karma will shine upon them in the near future. It can be a bitch you know. If you Karl are in anyway involved, also Mr. Hutchinson, I have lost all respect for you, I can not believe you would stoop this low. Mike, the few that have known you for years can now verify that you are indeed an idiot.

  • Donna Stiff
    Posted at 21:17h, 10 October

    Donna Stiff liked this on Facebook.

  • Old
    Posted at 02:03h, 11 October

    Most of us that know of the hate that CP, JW, and AB had towards Rusty should consider just how far and what steps they would take to remove his business from the airport. I personally DO NOT believe this was an accident. The investigation should not stop until we get a rock solid answer. The CD’s, if signed for personal use, need to be verified. If the bank, who allowed this to happen should be investigated by the FBI, or whoever takes care of this kind of thing. Tell us Adonna how does it feel to be involved with your two old friends?, who may or may not be behind illegal activies. If you lie down with dogs you’ll most likely get fleas and ticks. Better watch yourselves, there will be a judgement day for all of you that have allowed this to happen. My hat is off to Dan and Jeff, I pray they will continue to be the voice of reason and integratety. Do not allow Isaf to continue his rein as SA, and do not vote him into any office above street sweeper. His record with the county board issues and the Terry Payton case should tell us all he is in this for himself. Well he is making a name for himself and that is not a good name. We will remember your actions Isaf, your days (in office) are numbered as are some of the others on the advisory board. Wonderful work ECWD, keep it up.

    • facebook_joe.scheiner
      Posted at 12:42h, 12 October

      The problem with the airport advisory board is that there is no structure nor rules. When you are appointed to the board there are no terms, or elections other than appointments by the club. So it can be a lifetime appointment. Ask how long Addonna’s term as leader is?

      • jmkraft
        Posted at 13:32h, 12 October

        The real problem is that it’s there in the first place.
        The only way to fix the problem is to flush them down the drain by disolving the whole mess.

  • Kathy Jo Drake
    Posted at 05:29h, 11 October

    WOW I am not surprised by what I heard. I am disgusted with it. I really hope when election time rolls around we have some drastic changes in the county. It’s time to flush the toilet people. It’s really smelling bad.

  • Kathy Jo Drake
    Posted at 06:17h, 11 October

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  • Judy Pufahl
    Posted at 02:32h, 12 October

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  • None of your Buisness
    Posted at 20:00h, 12 October

    Yup…I’m infuriated and saddened at the same time. I’m infuriated that you, ECWD’s continue to massage facts to support your cause….I’m saddened that ——–deleted by administrator——–.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 21:07h, 12 October

      You should probably be more infuriated by your present and former public officials and their conduct. Lies never work, they lead to more lies – Just ask Chris, Adonna, Mike, and Jimmy…wait, you don’t even have to ask them…just watch the board meeting videos, without reading our comments, and the lies will spread out in front of you like a cheap hooker.

  • Karla
    Posted at 10:11h, 16 October

    After dealing with them when My home burnt down, I was told if I didn’t sell it they would take it be emanate domain any way. I was forced to take a meager amount for the property. Then had to pay the taxes that they should have paid. We always reap what we sow. shame, shame on them…

  • Chad Tripp Nichols
    Posted at 03:32h, 17 October

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