WANDTV Talks about CNSI – Cognizant – Outsourcing to India…


WANDTV ran the story on the fact that Gov. Quinn has effectively authorized, thru Cognizant, the outsourcing of Illinois jobs to India. These jobs could take away state jobs, and ship them to India thru various contracts.

This article is the result of months of work, led by (read their report here) (Huffington Post article here) looking into the MMIS contract involving CNSI, Inc.

Read their article here, then you can view the video.


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  1. And the Gov was just on TV pumping to grow jobs in Illinois. What a crock. If out sourcing jobs, services, and manufacturing contines no one in the US will be able buy the stuff. Big business claims that the employees with the skills they need can`t be found in the US. Well that is half true. Big business can’t find skilled workers that can work for what they are paying workers from India. An experienced IT worker in India receives the equivalent of 12,000 US a year. He or she can rent an appartment for 90 bucks a month. IT out sourcing has been going on for over 10 years now. Who would spend 30k on a degree in the US for a job they can never get? The skilled worker pipline is dry and big business capped both ends.

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