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April 22, 2024

Somebody’s Lying!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On September 5, 2013


Illinois Health and Family Services, under the direction of Julie Hamos, might want to take a long weekend and figure out who needs fired for lying to the public.

In this FOIA request/response  I wanted to know who paid for the wining and dining.  The response was pretty clear, although not even remotely true!

“The above listed individuals had dinner with staff from the State of Michigan and CNSI on April 22, 2013 at 5 pm.  The State of Michigan Paid for the dinner.”

Not true based on the response found in this FOIA request/response from Michigan!

“Please take note Michigan did not pay for dinner on April 22, 2013.”

If Illinois didn’t pay for the dinner, and Michigan didn’t pay for the dinner, who did?  Our sources reported to us early on that it was CNSI who paid for this lavish dinner and showered officials with gifts, in direct violation of Illinois Law.

Illinois insisted that Michigan paid for the dinner, which means they did not, yet the four people from Illinois that went, claimed dinner per-diem on their travel vouchers for reimbursement.  How is it that you qualify for dinner reimbursement when you never paid for the dinner?  Oh, wait!  Not only did they claim a dinner, but clearly breakfast and lunch as well.  Sadly for those four employees, the payment for those meals was covered by Michigan, which means yet again they should not be claiming per-diem for meals that were provided!

I contend that such a travel voucher claim is false and those responsible should be removed from public office.

The four include HFS Executive members, CIO Stephen Depooter, Bureau Chief Anita Core (Former interim CIO), Bureau Chief Eppie Dietz (Former OIG reporting to Wyona Johnson), and Bureau Chief Wyona Johnson (Former OIG reporting to Blagojevich)

Now it’s starting to make sense as to why HFS failed to disclose and comply with those four names that were in this request  from May 3rd.  Those very people went to the dinner and we knew it, so by requesting the vouchers we would expose it.  Sadly for them they chose to NOT disclose them until several months later in this FOIA.

Did they really think we wouldn’t get our hands on the records?

With whistle blowers turning over info from multiple state offices that basically rat out their bosses, it’s become laughable to see the games they play in their effort to supress public records.

Stay tuned for exposure on the witch hunt taking place right now at HFS that includes the confiscation of a Union Presidents computer and a key official being escorted out of the building by State Police!




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