State Rep. Halbrook discusses Concealed Carry in Ashmore –


Illinois State Representative for the 110th District, Brad Halbrook, was in Ashmore last night for an informal informational Concealed Carry overview with local citizens.

Discussion included the Timeline for Implementation, Qualifications for a CC License, Fees, Training Requirements, Prohibited CC Areas, Duty to Inform a police officer (when asked), and other resources of information. See the flyer below.

He also presented a certificate from the 98th General Assembly, to the mother of a well-deserved student (who could not attend the meeting). Shane Ogden ranked 20th in the Nation during a National Beginner Bible Quiz Tournament held in Branson, Missouri.



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  1. Interesting that your “favorite son” Halbrook didn’t waste much time in withdrawing from a re-election bid, breaking a promise made during the previous campaign to move into the new district.

    Was he telling a lie when he first ran for office, or did he just lie until it was revealed he did not move as the law requires?

    Interesting his approach and your lack of reaction!

    • What reaction are you looking for?
      He moved into the district and was living in Charleston, he had a family emergency and decided his family was more important than politics, so he chose to spend more time with his family.
      What is wrong with that?
      He is not seeking re-election.