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February 24, 2024

Lies and Deception – Julie Clark and the rest of the story

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On August 28, 2013


As we see our society crumble from political correctness and feel good programs, is it any wonder it has been about a year since the first exposure of the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Departments wrongdoings, and to date not a single person has been held accountable.

No, not a single person, and don’t think for a second that just because Doug Corbett was removed that he was ever held accountable.  He is being paid to leave, and by all indications, he and Julie Clark should be charged with Official Misconduct and held accountable to the crimes committed.

Yes, crimes.  It is a crime to self serve the way these people have and one can only wonder what it’s going to take for things to turn in the minds of the majority to stand up and demand accountability.

Accountability – In ethics and governance, accountability is answerability, blameworthiness, liability, and the expectation of account-giving.  As an aspect of governance, it has been central to discussions related to problems in the public sector, nonprofit and private (corporate) worlds.  In leadership roles, accountability is the acknowledgment and assumption of responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies including the administration, governance, and implementation within the scope of the role or employment position and encompassing the obligation to report, explain and be answerable for resulting consequences.

In governance, accountability has expanded beyond the basic definition of “being called to account for one’s actions”.   It is frequently described as an account-giving relationship between individuals, e.g. “A is accountable to B when A is obliged to inform B about A’s (past or future) actions and decisions, to justify them, and to suffer punishment in the case of eventual misconduct”.    Accountability cannot exist without proper accounting practices; in other words, an absence of accounting means an absence of accountability.

Julie Clark has LIED again!  Not only has she refused to provide the information we requested months ago but she also denied such information existed in her response to the local press.

When public bodies suppress public records from the press one must ask why?  This is the response Julie Clark provided to the Paxton Record.  The claim that they consulted with their legal counsel makes you wonder.   Why spend money on an illegally hired attorney to answer a FOIA when your own bosses, Corbett and Hagen, are the ones responsible for annually reviewing the policies of the FIPHD which clearly contain a policy relating to purchases.  Policy on Purchases

It’s no surprise they failed to provide all the records to the press, (full story here) because if this document would have gotten out during the heat of the exposure on the illegal solar panel purchase from Julie Clark and her company, it would have more than likely led to criminal charges for bid rigging.   Now the question is when will she be charged right along with Corbett and the rest of his Harem.

Keep in mind that this is not the first time Julie Clark has been handed a contract in direct violation of the policy. She was the contracted Tobacco coordinator for the department, and she kept that contract from us as well when we asked for it.  All indications are that she purposely is deceptive with information because each time it ties directly to her violating the policies in place, which all put more money in her pocket.  As an agent for the FIPHD under contract for other matters, it was a clear violation for her to receive the no bid contract to handle the tobacco program, which you may recall we exposed here.  She couldn’t follow those rules either.

It’s high time the public start demanding these people be prosecuted for the clear criminal violations of the law that have been exposed as well as others we have yet to share publicly……………….but soon will!

It’s also time the employees offering support and cover for these illegal actions realize that such an action can and may lead to problems of their own for failure to report a crime and / or even participation in the cover up.

But let’s not forget the clear breach of fiduciary duty by the Ford County Board members who have clearly failed in this whole process.  With all the facts publicly available to prove each and ever thing presented, they have yet to remove their appointed members.  The same members that have themselves violated the law.  If the people in charge can’t follow the law, is it any wonder those working for them disregard it as well?

Ford and Iroquois County it’s time to pull up your pants and tighten your belt, or in this case take off the belt and start whipping things back into shape!  Citizens who have placed their trust in their local government have once again been let down.  Take back your government with truth and transparency, and demand accountability for each and everyone of those involved in this travesty.

Sadly it took 3 years from start to sentencing for theft of funds in our own county health department. (full story here).  It takes endurance and willingness to pursue wrongdoing as it simply wears people down!

 Demand Accountability!



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