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March 3, 2024

Front Page Fox News

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On August 30, 2013


With our eight month investigation uncovering  massive questionable actions by Illinois Health and Family Service (HFS), we are excited to see our work now on the main home page of Fox News. (Link to Fox Coverage Article)

We know this story will have not only more coverage by Fox News but numerous other agencies have already contacted us for further coverage to expose the rest of the story.

For each and every person that felt your efforts didn’t matter, and because of that you didn’t get involved with your local government, let this be proof that it does matter.   Had it not been for one person being involved in her local government, she would have never bumped into the whistle blowers that were critical to the exposing this entire story.  Early on we felt it was worthy of investigation and coverage.  It wasn’t until several weeks into the work that we realized this was in fact a national story.  That is why we kept digging for over 8 months.

You can make a difference!

 Fox Screen shot


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