Former Paris Police Officer Arrest by US Marshalls –


Chris Gill, a former Paris Police Officer, and currently suspended from the Danville, Indiana Police Department, was arrested at the Indianapolis Airport this morning by the US Marshall Service. He is being held on a $100,000 bond in Vigo County.

His bond was revoked out of Vigo County, presumable after he decided to take a trip to Texas, which he was not allowed to do.

His father, Keith Gill, was recently fired as the Police Chief of Danville, Indiana. No information forthcoming as to why he was suspended.

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PoliceAbuse.com investigation


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  1. Saw Mr. Gill on the Terre Haute stations tonight. Love the orange jump suit:) Wouldn’t it be something if a couple of officers here in Paris received the same punishment for their actions. I wonder how many people here were subjected to his type of enforcement, framed, set up, etc. I hear drugs may have been planted more than once in order to make points. If this happened with Mr. Gill who else pulled this kind of shit, and what evidence was illegally used in the process. The whole story seen here on watchdogs needs to be made public, maybe it will inspire the citizens of Edgar County who have been bullied by the officers who are supposed to protect us but instead use their jobs to hurt us to come forward and make their voices heard.