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July 14, 2024

Doug Corbett Lies Again? –

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On August 22, 2013


It’s a sad day when it takes almost a year to remove an inept public official who clearly doesn’t know how to be honest, and in fact takes steps to deceive people and deflect attention from himself.

Corbett’s  letter insinuating that a nurse mislead him in regards to the Tamiflu holds no water, and close review of “all” the documents prove that!

He claimed that the nurse “implied that our regional coordinator (Lynne Reagan) didnt want the supply going to waste and if there was a need then to make sure the Health Department got the Tamiflu to those who could most benefit from it’s use”

One only read the very e-mail from the Regional Coordinator Lynne Reagan herself to see that is not the case!  Doug Corbett was a recipient of that e-mail and at the bottom, highlighted, you can see that it CLEARLY stated they can NOT be used for this influenza season!

In his despicable attempt to blame others for his failings he generates a document that now raises even more questions about this Administrator and his lack of leadership skills to run a public office of any kind!

The content of his letter can’t be believed because it contradicts the very e-mail he received from the Coordinator.  Note that he was informed back in January not to use them and this is the very same time the nurse he accuses of wrong doing documents the situation in great detail and even notifies the State’s Attorney.

A real administrator would have stopped any such distribution of the Tamiflu based on the DIRECT notification from the Coordinator by email that it was not to be used.  That is not what happen!

This guy should be happy he was able to depart with any pay at all with this kind of behavior.





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