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April 17, 2024

The Cancer Grows in FIPHD and Ford Co.

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On July 5, 2013

In total disbelief, especially after celebrating our country’s freedom yesterday, I have to say when will the Cancer be eradicated?

The cancer I speak of was rooted within the lies and deception carried out by the Ford Iroquois Public Health administrator Doug Corbett, but now with recently received emails, it appears this cancer is of the pancreatic type and just can’t be stopped.

Two nurses shared information with the FIPHD during their last meeting in executive session.  What ever was said must have had an impact as they all voted to remove Mr. Corbett’s powers of hiring and firing, however, it appears there is an orchestrated effort of repercussions against those nurses who had the courage to stand up and speak out against the thug, Doug Corbett.

That cancer of influence has now infected Ted Jensen, a man of the cloth from what I understand.  Mr. Jenson might want to take the Open Meetings Act training over again, as it’s clear he doesn’t know the law himself and has violated it on numerous occasions with his behind-the-scenes secret meetings.

Meetings that specifically talk about having the board take action against the nurses that spoke out. You see Mr. Jensen, when you send an e-mail to your FIPHD board members, in this case at least 2 of them, you are corresponding with a majority of a quorum, which is not allowed by law without letting the public know!

The FIPHD board by statue is an 8 member board, which means it takes 5 people to hold a meeting.  Five is the quorum of an 8 member board and three would be a majority of a quorum.  That means three board members can not discuss public business together unless they comply with the OMA law, and that includes electronic communication!

This recently received e-mail correspondence spells out very disturbing issues.  Comments from Mr. Jensen with our concerns in bold:

  • Allow “them” to make this decision?  What decision Mr. Jensen?  Who is Them?
  • I believe it that it should be the board who makes the recommendation?  What recommendation Mr. Jensen?
  • ..been under investigation by the board?  Oh really?  the last meeting makes no reference of an investigation.   If there is a “board” investigating it can you explain why you only shared this email with those appointed by Ford County Mr. Jensen?
  • should review all incident reports taken during this time of suspension?  Interestingly a month window of “reports” outweighs years of employee abuse?  Abuse that was recognized by each and every board member that was convincing enough  to strip Mr. Corbett’s key powers.  
  •  separation may be the only solution?  You are kidding me right?  You are actually insinuating that the two nurses who brought validated evidence to support their claims are now the target.  That is your solution?

I’m getting closer and closer to believing you simply can’t educate some people, no matter how hard you try.  Mr. Jensen, you should do the right thing and resign.  Your attempt at behind the scenes orchestration to get rid of two respected and highly qualified nurses is so repulsive the only word I can think of is evil.

You voted to strip Mr. Corbett of certain duties because of what you were told and shown, FIRST HAND.  Have you presented ONE SHRED of evidence to disprove what you saw and heard during that meeting, or have you now had time to be snowed by Mr. Corbett and his harem.

If the first illegal meeting information is not disturbing enough, let’s look at another e-mail he sent to the Ford County Chairman and the FIPHD Board Chairman.  Again, Comments from Mr. Jensen with our concerns in bold:

  • An employee’s family member was recently arrested?  What on earth does that have to do with the employee and the FIPHD?  The very motor mouth you got the info from filed Bankruptcy, yet she makes $70K a year as a financial coordinator that bounces checks?  That doesn’t seem to bother anyone, to include her boss who did the same thing! 
  • this has nothing to do with her parenting?   If I were the employee I would be speaking with an attorney about now.  As a board member you acknowledge in that email it has nothing to do with parenting so we must ask, why did you mention it then? 
  • could be a factor in influence?  Exactly what “influence” are you attempting Mr. Jensen?  By all indications, your sharing public records about one person in an acknowledged attempt to use that to influence something against an employee might just find you on the wrong end of things faster than you realize!
  • cannot be considered factual but it gives some local residents feelings in regard to the police department and Mr. Devine?   A man of the cloth citing that what I am spreading cannot be considered factual BUT it gives some local residents feelings in regard to the police department and Mr. Devine?  I can’t even believe you sent that to anyone, let alone typed it.  Is that not bearing false witness Mr. Jensen? 
  • wonder if there was a chemical cause for Mr. Devine?   Mr. Jensen, for a man of the cloth I have to say I am appalled by your words, as should the entire county!  The implication you shared is again, bearing false witness.  Something I would have thought you would know is wrong.

For a public body board member to spread such comments from something as disgusting as a TOPIX post tells me the cancer is deeper than I imagined.  For a man of God to say such things, knowing there is no evidence to support them, raises personal concerns that saddens my heart as such actions are the very type of actions that turn people off as it relates to God and his purpose.

Mr. Jensen, as my time permits this weekend I will make sure I post the rest of your illegal e-mail meetings as proof of OMA violations and those within the timeline may well be subject to either legal action or formal AG complaints.  Did you know any person violating any of the provisions of the OMA, with the exception of subsection b,c,d or e of section 1.05 (don’t apply to you) shall be guilty of a class C misdemeanor?   (5 ILCS 120/4)

As far as the overall picture of what is happening right now in Ford County, I can only pray the good people of Ford County step up and ask questions and demand answers.

I put out the challenge the last time I was in Ford County for anyone of them to disprove what I report and so far not a word.  I again challenge each and every one of the Board members to an honest and open discussion relating to the facts we have exposed about Mr. Corbett and his actions.

Rest assure there is more to come this weekend as we want it out there prior to the Ford County Board meeting Monday night!






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  • Shocked citizen
    Posted at 20:25h, 05 July

    Those involved in the sending of these emails have stooped to a whole new level of low! When you start attacking victims and thier families you = human garbage. There really are lines that shouldn’t be crossed. This speaks volumes about the character of people who will stop at absolutely nothing. Shame on them!

  • CaseIH 2388
    Posted at 21:02h, 05 July

    This could not have happened! Nobody is that stupid as to do what Teddy did. You have to be making this whole thing up. (-;

  • Sick of dirty government
    Posted at 22:02h, 05 July

    It’s no wonder that Doug Corbett feels that he can get away with all the dirty things he has done. He’s being backed by ford county public officials that are even dirtier!

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 00:40h, 06 July

    Kirk Allen liked this on Facebook.

    Posted at 08:59h, 06 July

    This is so unreal for a man in charge of peoples TRUST …. Please just quit Mr. Jensen

  • Move over Ted, I've got something to preach
    Posted at 13:59h, 06 July

    WOW! Where to begin?! I have read and kept up with these articles regarding FIPHD but this is the first time I feel so incredibly COMPELLED to comment on one! Sad, outraged, disappointed, and shocked are just a few of the adjectives to describe how I feel about what I just read.

    I have read all about the unethical behavior that has gone on at the FIPHD and can see plain as day why Doug Corbett is under such fire. I see how he has mishandled tax dollars and has enabled incompetence to carry on up there with free reign. I also realize why people are so incredibly upset and filled with tension at the health department. Peoples’ jobs are on the line, literally. Whenever a person may face that impending doom, you see an ugly side come out of him/her.

    I also realize that Doug Corbett has been there a little over 5 years and in that time 10-15 employees have been fired or quit because of his antics. Their turnover rate has increased drastically since he took over compared to his predecessor. He has since replaced and hired new employees to fill those positions obviously and has recruited a nice little army of soldiers to defend him. The Health Board will not listen to former employees as they will be regarded as “disgruntled” etc. I can understand that in most situations but this is not like most situations. Do they really think Doug Corbett needed to clean house and get rid of over a dozen employees to make the health department better? How dare they think that Dr. Pickering (the former administrator) was so incompetent at his job that over 15 employees he had under him needed to be let go. That is insulting to him and the way he ran the FIPHD for over 20 years. Did the board of health EVER have such issues with employees and the health department when Dr. Pickering ran it? I don’t think so! He was an ethical man and did a wonderful job. He treated the employees with respect. Doug Corbett could not be farther from that.

    By hiring new people to be in his corner and blindly support him only makes the board members think that he is actually the right man for the job. The employees that do not like him do not speak out. THey feed information to the proper people but do not want their names involved because they fear being bullied and having repercussions for how they truly feel. Can you blame them? Have you seen what is now happening to the two employees who did speak at executive session? Besides those two employees who spoke at that board meeting, I personally know of 9 more who want to see Doug gone and do not like his inappropriate behavior and unethical ways. BUT, they are people who need their paychecks just like the rest of us and cannot jeopardize losing their jobs and having no health insurance and not being able to pay the bills. Many employees blindly follow Doug and believe him at face value which is sad and just ignorant. We all saw what happened when everyone drank Jim Jones’ kool-aid.

    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Now, to address specifics from this article and what Teddy Jensen said…

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be quoting a comedian but it has to be said in regards to Ted Jensen; “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!”
    This man is sorely misguided and I ALMOST feel sorry for him. But I cannot feel sorry for a man (especially a Reverend) who chooses to FORWARD on unrelated events about an employee’s family member being arrested to other board members. Forget Cary Hagen, Woodard, Hartman, err I mean Hagen! You can’t control what disgusting information is going to come out of her mouth by emailing Ted Jensen that information about an employee’s family member. However, Teddy Jensen can let Ms.Hagen know he did not need that information nor is it pertinent to what we’re dealing with in regards to the FIPHD. Not to mention how highly inappropriate it is to do such a thing. Would Cary Hagen like it if someone passed along personal and not pertinent information along to board members about her, her former husbands, her siblings, her children, or her parents? I believe she’d be upset. FAMILY is OFF LIMITS LADY! Go scratch. So… for Teddy Jensen to participate and perpetuate such information by passing it via email to other board members is DISGUSTING to me. I am appalled that a Reverend would find it appropriate to spread such superfluous information on to other board members without having some sort of ulterior motive behind it? Teddy Jensen, you are a DISGRACE; not only to the board in which you sit on but also as a person who claims to be a man of God. How dare you! Shame on you! Not only that but you are stupid enough to use a website as distasteful as TOPIX to try and prove your point. TOPIX has a 1 star rating from dozens of people who reviewed it. Here is one person’s review from

    Jolyn L.
    New Reviewer


    I support free speech as much as the next person but there are limits to everything and Topix is the most atrocious site on the internet. If it is immoral it is on Topix and the company defends those actions. Does anyone besides me have a problem with libel (which isn’t protected speech) Does anyone have a problem with defamation (not protected)? Does anyone have a problem with children, including Special Needs children attacked on the site? Does anyone have a problem with people’s privacy being taken? Does anyone have a problem with people’s addressed being posted? Does anyone have a problem with illegal guns being sold and posted about on Topix? Does anyone have a problem with brutal racism? Does anyone have a problem with forums DEDICATED to drug use? Does anyone have a problem with pornography including discussions of beastility and other horrible porngraphic things? That is what Topix is, yet it claims to be a news aggregator. If they required registration and people posted their names it would be different. You cannot defend that website.

    I also found plenty more reviews that all hated TOPIX which are found on if you wish to read more. Please at least try to make an effort to look credible if you are going to cite or reference information. I always thought board members are supposed to do their “due diligence” but apparently I was grossly misinformed when it comes to you, Mr. Jensen.

    Since your moral compass does not point due North, I will quote the good Reverend, Dr. King.

    “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.”

    As Dr. King said, right, can temporarily be defeated but know this Ted Jensen, the truth will have the final word. Have you ever realized that doing the right thing is often painful? Have you ever noticed that doing what is RIGHT is not always POPULAR? Those who choose to do the right thing are being unfairly attacked and those who participate in those antics will have to live with themselves. All you get when you wrestle with a pig is muddy and the pig enjoys it. Cary Hagen should not sling mud and stoop to such a disgusting level by alerting Ted Jensen of events that are completely unrelated to the TRUE reasons we are looking into the health department. I cannot believe she has the audacity at her age to find it appropriate to do those things. I cannot believe she wants to fight in the gutter. If somebody spoke about you Cary Hagen, Woodard, Hartman, Hagen on a personal level and your moral character as a mother, would you be offended? Would you not hurt? Shame on you as well! Trying to DEFLECT and RE-DIRECT the attention to two honest employees is not going to get you or your boss out of the hot water you find yourself in. Good try but go sell crazy somewhere else, we’re all stocked up here. I see right through your evil antics. Those employees are not to blame for all the WASTED spending on our tax dollars that the administrator has so carelessly handled.

    Lastly, in regards to Ted Jensen’s email to other board members discussing the two employees who spoke at executive session:

    TEDDY! Wake up and smell the lawyers, good sir! You just violated the Open Meetings Act by discussing information with a majority of a quorum. Not only that, the information you sent implies those two employees should be fired, “if they are going to be a problem with moving this department forward with full support then separation may be the only solution.” How dare you suggest termination of two highly qualified, respected employees who have served selflessly for decades in their profession. If you think those employees are going stand idly by and allow you or anyone else to slander their good names and hard work of the past 3 decades you are sorely mistaken. The measure of their resolve is stronger than you can imagine. YOU, along with others have COMPLETELY LOST SIGHT of why this is all happening. DOUG CORBETT needs to be FIRED for his BLATANT DISREGARD to rules/regulations and other UNETHICAL behavior he has done in regards to our TAX DOLLARS as the administrator. I know what certain people have in their possession regarding Doug Corbett and INAPPROPRIATE behavior he has done. I am SICK and TIRED of it not being public knowledge. If it is not made public soon I WILL share it via any means possible so the good people of this bi-county health department can know what kind of thug is running this place. HE STINKS AND IT’S TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH! And to the board members and employees who choose to not dig deep and see what is happening because they do not want to be bullied or have repercussions; please remember my main man Dr. King when he says:

    “The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.”

    I’d much rather follow Reverend King than Reverend Jensen…

    Posted at 21:00h, 06 July

    Mr. Jensen, you should be FIRED on the spot Monday Night! Your comments and actions are a mirror image of the problems being exposed. Lack of leadership!

    Your comments will probably cost the health department (our tax money) a small fortune because the nurses you want fired will be suing you and using your own words to win their case!

    Getting information from Cary Hagen, well what can you say. Its my understanding she likes the company of a certain step father so nothing should surprise anyone out of that office.

  • NOT Shocked At All
    Posted at 11:30h, 07 July

    Everyone seems to be so shocked by this. I’m not shocked at all! This is exactly what I expected. I work at fiphd. This is why employees are so fraid to speak out against Doug and Cary. This is a classic example of why victims keep quiet. They know that the bullying will get worse.
    I’ll give Teddie Jensen credit for one thing….he has sent a very clear message to all employees:
    If you speak out against Cary or Doug, you will become the target and I’ll stop at nothing to make sure you lose your job.
    Congratulations Teddie, message received!