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May 17, 2024

Ted Jenson “AKA” Preacher Man – CLUELESS!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On July 28, 2013


After requesting all e-mails sent and received by the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department board members in the last 60 days, we find yet again those in charge are clueless.

This string of e-mails pretty much sums up the incompetence of Mr. Ted Jenson.  Not only does their FOIA officer have no concept of what the FOIA law is, it’s evident that Preacher Man is just as clueless.

From Julie Clark: Mr Allen, In regards to #1 Copy of all emails transmitted/sent by any member of the FIPHD Board for the last 60 days and #2 Copy of all emails received by any member of the FIPHD Board for the last 60 days.  We ask that you narrow your request of emails to emails related to the health department. 

From Preacher Man: I have one other problem with Mr. Allens FOIA request. That being that he does not say emails pertaining to the health department but all emails. He has no right to emails that I have sent to my daughters, my brother-in-law, my friends, my relatives and my personal business matters to name just a few.

My Response:  My request specifically spelled out sent and received by the members of the board of health.   Narrow my request to emails related to the health department? What is it that you think I am asking for that isn’t related to the health department? 

I guess they got the message from the State’s Attorney to provide what I asked for, considering 7 days later I got what they claim is all the emails.  Not only does it expose correspondence amongst themselves, but it reveals to anyone with a bit of common sense that Preacher Man clearly has an agenda to protect Doug Corbett.

With so many issues to pick from it’s hard to find the best example that reflects these people have no business running any public body, let alone a public health board.

John and I have been posting documents that clearly support each and every article regarding the FIPHD and the wrongdoing going on.  I have even offered to present this information to the board itself since they claim they have not seen any facts of wrongdoing.  So what does that offer get from the Preacher man?

“This last minute desire to share the “truth” comes a bit late and I might have been more apt to listen had they come to us before making us a mockery in the media.”

Additionally, Teddie stated that he wants us to mail the documents to them, state the basis for why we consider it evidence, state who gave us the evidence, and state where they got the evidence to give to us. Is the whole of the Ford County representatives in the same sinking boat as he is? Have none of them even bothered to look at the documents provided to us in response to FOIA requests? It’s obvious none of that happened, and even if we did get documented evidence from a “source” (which we didn’t), he does not possess the right to demand to know who gave it to us. So even with their own documents staring them in the face, they refuse to read.

Mr. Jenson, you sir have no business in public office of any kind!  You have allowed numerous things to go on and have approved illegal activities and when exposed you make excuses and insinuate there was nothing done wrong.

You sir paid yourself for FIPHD meetings in direct violation of the law.  That should be enough evidence by itself to remove you.  It was clearly enough evidence for the Iroquois County Board to take action and remove their appointed members.  An act that you seem to think was not within their legal right to do.  Sadly, you have not read the statute on that either.

And yet again, in typical preacher fashion, you claim “we” made your board a mockery in the media.

No sir, you have made yourself a mockery.  All we did was expose the very documents to prove it!

Need another example of h0w out of touch Preacher Man is?  He has made so many false statements it’s rather sad that the rest of the board members don’t call him out for it.  If I recall correctly, Preacher Man said it’s either a lie or it’s not, in reference to comments people make.

Mr. Jenson, you sir have LIED again!

 “But what I said came from my soul and I do not like individual like the Watchdogs who make money off of stirring up a pot and giving out misinformation while hiding behind the ‘in my opinion” while knowing that what they are saying is not the truth.”

We don’t make a DIME for what we are doing! 

Mr. Jenson you have yet again lied claiming that we make money.  John and I are a couple of career military veterans who have simply had enough of people like you wasting our tax dollars and then blaming everyone else when it’s exposed.

You are the problem sir and “in my opinion” are probably the biggest reason the Ford County Board has been made to look so bad with all your communications behind the scenes filled with lies and wordsmithing.  You even lied to the board about the car seat grants, and when exposed on that you lied again, with an excuse that it was not what you meant.

No sir, you are exactly why the Watchdogs do what we do!  We will expose you for what you are and demand accountability to our tax dollars.

I suggest EVERYONE who can attend the next FIPHD meeting show up and speak their mind.  It is high time We The People take back our government and demand accountability to our tax dollars.  Even if you don’t live in the counties involved, it’s your tax money being abused!  All those grants that have been used outside the scope of the grant is money from each and every tax payer in this state so we all have a say in the matter, like it or not!

A special Ford-Iroquois Board of Health meeting will be held at 7:30pm at the Gilman Public Library in Gilman (715 N. Maple Street)
On Tuesday July 30, 2013


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  • Andrea Chamberlain
    Posted at 19:26h, 12 September

    just look at mr jensens home and you will see someone who is unable to keep up a home or her personal appearance. Infact he is a Rev in name only and hasn’t had a church for years. I think the money he got for meetings was his only income