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April 25, 2024

Iroquois County – Leadership & Accountability…

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On July 15, 2013


Just as many other issues we bring to our public officials, most are first brought to our attention by concerned citizens.  In this case the concern was raised by yet another Iroquois County resident.

During the July 9, 2013 Iroquois County Board meeting, I spoke during public session and talked about the incompatibility of offices with Bob Yergler, the Iroquois County Supervisor of Assessments also being elected to the School Board and Chairman of the Crescent City District 249 School Board.

Just to set the record straight, Mr. Yergler was not involved in any wrong-doing nor has any allegation of such been presented to us.  He was simply filling two public seats that were incompatible with each other.

Mr. Yergler is to be commended for taking swift action to rectify the problem when brought to his attention – that is what good government is all about. He has stated he will resign from the school board at their Monday night meeting.

The incompatibility of offices occurs, in this particular circumstance because the school board levies taxes and the Supervisor of Assessments has the potential ability to influence the tax and tax base of the school district. We are not saying this has happened, only that there is the potential for it to happen, thus he can’t hold both offices.

It’s exciting to see elected and appointed officials doing what’s right for a change, and by all indications Iroquois County is leading the charge and setting the example for the rest of the state to follow.

Back in March, the Iroquois County Board took action to remove it’s own appointed people from the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Board because of numerous concerns relating to lack of oversite.    That action showed a leadership example for others to follow, just as did Mr. Yergler’s immediate action to make  a wrong, right!

Mr. Yergler, Thank you sir for the example you have set for many others in this state to follow!







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1 Comment
  • CaseIH 2388
    Posted at 22:57h, 15 July

    This speaks volumes to Mr. Yergler’s character. Iroquois County is fortunate to have a public official with such ethics! There is no doubt he was trying to serve his community. It’s a shame both positions cannot be held at the same time. He would have served both well.